All Men “Cheat”, IF that’s What Comforts you…

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Ladies, This blog is about MEN. Not the MALES you select to be in a relationship due to a certain physical, material, or any other reason outside of CHARACTER. Yes, physical and other sorts of attraction may be a must for you, however if that is the deal maker or breaker for your selection process, this blog is not for you. You have other shit to fix.

Below is a few reasons your man has strayed, do not dispute it. Do not get defensive, do not say “That’s a stupid reason”. Ladies a lot of shit you all do, make ZERO sense to us, however we go along with it because we UNDERSTAND that, well.. we’re not supposed to UNDERSTAND. Ladies, do understand a key factor in all of this is communication. A man must feel he can express his thoughts to you, with you understanding and your willingness to compromise or he shuts down because he feels it’s (talking), is pointless.

Cheating is never right, This is for you to understand the emotion behind it. This is not about pointing the finger because believe it or not, I (of all people) think most women do these things innocently, not knowing right from wrong according to man. Read on…

The “Taken For Granted” Cheat:

Ladies this is the one for wives and serious relationships (living together, or spending a VAST amount of time together). A man who loves you, will go out work, provide and in his heart and mind would give his life for your security. However, the woman approaches it as; “He’s a man, I won’t cheat, I’ll cook, clean, stay out of his way and give him sex regularly and he’ll be cool”. Ladies, hear me out. There is NO blueprint for men. We are all different as you are. We all love different things, as does women we all like certain simple things that show us you care and think of us or PAY ATTENTION. No, its not feminine. It is what people who love one another do.

This man affords you the ability to live beyond comfortably, you can shop almost whenever you’d like. You are able to hang with the girls because he’s working and also at the same time he doesn’t mind you having a ball with your girls. He doesn’t mind much because he’s thinking about you more than he thinks of himself and all that matters is the smile on your face. His goal is to keep that smile plastered on your face more often than not.

Where you fuck up: He’s only thinking of you. Your happiness. Your every being. However you allow him to feel an emptiness because everything is or has been about you AND IT MAY NOT have been intentional on your part, but it happened. As most men feel unless they’re simply abusive: With women an argument is futile, you can’t get in a word edge wise so it becomes internalized. Every little thing will start to pick at him, especially how your face shows a continuous smile while he’s exploding on the inside. Everything he worked so hard for, for you and him, more for you because as we know most men aren’t as elaborate spenders as women. We can do without curtains for example.

Ladies if you acknowledge nothing else, acknowledge that you all recognize a man with great potential or is “doing his thing” that is unhappy in his current situation. Women plot, so while you gave the man who would give you the world, your general “this is what a woman ‘pose to do” package for men, his unhappiness grew. The woman at his job who sees the ring but never see him smile, notices everything. When he answers your call on his lunch break or whenever, there’s not that “look” in his eyes anymore. She then takes action. Like you in a reverse situation, he’s vulnerable. Women are master planners, she may work on him for 6 months before anything leaves the office. If women simply understood how conniving they themselves are grouped with intelligence, appeal, and every other tool you have, you might realistically understand; “He doesn’t stand a chance against those vulture-like bitches if I fuck him over emotionally in this relationship”.

The Solution:

Ladies, I’m going to be a honest for a minute. Not every MALE thing we want to do with our boys. LIKE going to the strip club, we don’t care how prude you are. Bring your ass to this strip club so we can pay this woman to put her tits on you. The mere disgust on your face is enough, Its humor for us. Fun. TOGETHER. AS A COUPLE. STUFF WE LIKE TO DO ALSO. Another example, if your man likes to fish: “Hey babe, lets go fishing this weekend. I found a boat that goes out for a few hours, we pay they have rods etc. Lets go”. Now we may know “She isn’t into fishing”, but the fact you took time to look up and plan a activity that I love solely, that you’re willing to share in proves a lot to a man. It shows: It’s not all about you. When those rough days come up the proof is in the pudding; MY wife is willing to do what I KNOW other women won’t. It keeps your stock above all others. Make sure ladies, you don’t lose yourself in all the happiness he’s causing or providing. Do extra, every woman is capable of offering the bare minimum/general package. What makes you special?

Quick story: A friend of mine asked me to take him to his side bitch house. I said to him “Think about all the shit ya girl do for you, now think about what this side broad is offering you. Is it worth losing what you have with your girl?” He replied: “No.”, My next question was: “So why am I taking you over there again?” All he could say was: “I don’t know”. I said “Exactly. Now I’m taking you home. I can’t be a friend and allow you to fuck your current life up.”

The Inadequate Cheat

I will try to keep this as short as possible. You “independent, not knowing your place as a woman, I can do me” women have created this monster. No he’s not intimidated or whatever, he just fell in love with your good side, while your “Independent” side was lurking in the alley waiting to run down on him. Understand this ladies: A real man, does not care in the least bit what you can do for yourself. Therefore it should never come up. Whenever it does, you are immediately telling that man: “I don’t need you, any guy can fill in for you”. In other words ladies, its what we been saying for years; You talk too f’n much.A REAL MAN takes pride in providing, it turns him on in a different way to do for his woman. Once your around about “I don’t need you” speech happens, he’s conflicted because he loves you but he doesn’t want to be hurt by being neck deep in love while you do what you want because “you don’t need him”.

Even if you make more than him, shut the fuck up about it. You knew this before you settled down with him, so it should be already understood and never brought up again in any form or fashion. That is a instant way to get your mans penis in another woman. By the way NO we don’t think “We gonna fuck another broad”. The other woman has been playing “Psychiatrist” while you took away your man’s pride and picked at the fibers of his being. She’s been there for him, and her conniving ass knows the right time to reel him in. Why do her the favor of running your man to her. Everyone needs to feel like there is someone willing to hear them. We want to turn around and see someone in our corner. If we see an empty corner, we find someone to put there. Period.

The Solution:

Simply shut the fuck up about your independence. We don’t care. Never bring that shit up. Its like telling us you can pick up quarters with your eyelids. What good is that information to us? Like the one above, there’s a woman that has baited your man in conversations to feel him out, and knows: He likes to be THE MAN, he likes providing, he takes pride in it. Again, she also can tell by his disposition and random conversation or him just talking that YOU are not allowing HIM to be THE MAN. You all knows what comes next: “Really, that’s crazy. I used to let my ex do…..” She’s placing the bug, and now she’s gonna work him.

Ladies to sum it all up, Do not date or get with a man, if you are not ready to be a woman apart of the team. You are not the leader, so play your part. We all have roles in every situation of life we play. God created man first, and created a woman to accompany him and follow his lead. When she DIDN’T and he allowed her to play the leader. He went as far as to breaking God’s only rule.

Tip for relationships period:
Communicate with your man, allow him to get how he feels out. It might not happen overnight because some men are horrible communicators, I know. However, if you build up the rapport of listening to him, he will become more comfortable in speaking on how he feels. JUST LISTEN, or else SHE will.

Ladies If you are with the right man and you pay attention to what I’m telling you right now, you can’t and will not lose. Attention to detail, appreciate and reciprocate. Don’t be arrogant.

Men cheat for many reasons, again ladies, cheating is never right. YET it happens. NOT ALL MEN DO IT. I’m going off of barber shop chat, poker table conversations, etc. I’m very analytical as well as a man. Therefore I know how, why and WHAT men really mean when they speak.

Love isn’t easy, especially for men. Have you seen a man after he lose the woman he loves? He looks grey, disorientated, depressed, unkempt, just horrible. Therefore for most men, the other woman is literally a vacation from their situation. Allow yourself to be his vacation, instead of making him go look for one. He loves you and he doesn’t want to leave because, he loves you. He just needs what he’s seeking; a break. Life is hard enough. HOME should never be.

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  1. Bri says:

    This is the realest shyt I’ve EVER read. I’m just a young 21yr old girl in love & already my relationship is spiraling out of control
    I need to do more & speak less. The light bulb is on.

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