Random Rant: All “thirst” aint good “thirst”….

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Fellas the first few post some considered “for the women”, therefore this one is for you mostly.

In my 3 yrs on twitter. I have seen alot of shit. Twitter has created alot of different avenues, some good and some bad. Maybe because I always think ahead is why I see things from a different perspective. We all are entitled to fun. By all means have a ball, make new AUTHENTIC friends, great business connections, makes some money and get some ass in the process.

Here’s something I noticed:

All thirst aint good thirst: Fella’s you have to realize no matter how fat that ass is or how pretty she may seem, the bitch might be slow. Hoes have more screencaps saved in their phone than they do pictures of their kids from various holidays. They know they aint shit, HOWEVER they need insurance for the day YOU realize “this bitch aint eem worth it”. Now of course there’s good women on twitter, if you so happen to find one kudos. However be aware. Get to know the broad before the insecure bitch post screencaps over a month old talkin about “Remember when u wanted me”. Now you onto a quality broad, and the old insecure bitch and her “They always forget about us” Brigade from the 183rd “Lonely as shit” Battalion retweeting and co-signing each other. We’re men. Chicks can make all types of sexual AND non-sexual claims and it can automatically be deemed FACT because many stupid broads believe we are all the same.

1. Keep the thirst minimal. Get to know the broad. Yes, even IF you’re only going to try to put your penis in her face, you should know what you’re dealing with. Once you deem a broad as slow or stupid don’t allow your dick to think for you. The L.W.O.T. (Lonely Women on Twitter) stick together, once that 1 scorn broad let out her battle cry you’re in trouble. Remember: “Women don’t like other women until its time to diss a dude”.

2. Never go and meet a broad not worthwhile. Yes everything is risk vs reward. Consider what role she will play. Do you see her being as cool off twitter as she is on? Is there signs that she’s opening herself up to more dudes than just you? Whats her role after you bust the nut. Does she know you just wanted to test out her box? That she probably wont get a return call? Don’t create a crazy broad.

3. Even if you are in the Guinness World Records books, don’t send a chick a picture of your dick. No further explanation needed.

4. I flirt everyday and I also turn down pussy daily. A man’s value lies more in the pussy he doesn’t take as oppose to sleeping with everything available. No woman wants a guy no other woman wants, however no woman wants a guy every other woman can sleep with either. Everything in life needs balance. Create that.

5. A woman must show mutual sacrifice before getting access to your crib. This does not include women you’re just cool with who may come by for a pool party, get together etc. They have no desire to be with you. This is for women whom you initiated contact with on a “Lets see where this goes” level. Once a woman figures you deemed her not good enough all hell breaks loose. Rejection is like water to a witch, women hate it. However what can a woman say about a man who never brought her around his family, friends or even thought highly enough to let her walk barefoot and ass naked through his home? No woman want to admit those losses to friends. It all goes back to being careful, Be 2 steps ahead.

You can stop a preemptive strike from these women who are willing to do ANYTHING to get attention on twitter beside go fully nude by keeping them at arms reach. No chick want to admit “Damn dude really said fuck me”. That’s also what USUALLY sends weak minded chicks into the “hoe phase”. They need instant validation from other men or another man to show “Fuck that nigga, I’m good without him” and that they are “wanted”. Nothing hurts a woman more than knowing her pussy was available to you, and you declined it. Not even good enough to smut out is killer.

Be careful fellas, Choose wisely.

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