We’re Dating? Lets Define That… by @PhillyTheBoss

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A lot of you men and women have this dating game ALL the way messed up if you ask me. Everyone seems to feel entitled to something they have yet to earn.

However, here’s a few rules by @PhillyTheBoss that you may or may not want to adhere to.

1. DO NOT Think we’re getting all fancy on the first date. I hope you like Outback, Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory or etc. INCASE I find you incompetent or just a waste of time. I surely won’t regret that bill when I get it if I did not have to spend much to find out how dumb you are. OH, by the way you’re limited to 2 Drinks heffa, don’t try to be slick “He brought me here? fuck it Imma atleast get fucked up”. I have 9 sisters. I know how yall think. Try me. You will find out I’m half Dutch.

2. IF we’re digging each other, lets define the parameters of what we expect out of dating. You can not be out with me this Friday and testing the waters with Joe Schmoe next Friday. “Hol up shorty, I applied a down payment. Why this dude sporting my shit out and about?” If we’re just casual, do as you please. However, communication is key to rule #2. “Hurt people, hurt people”.

3. The Bill: If its my birthday, please make the effort to grab the bill. Don’t be a useless slut all your life. I believe a man should pay the bill in almost every instance. HOWEVER, If you ask a man out, suggest we go out and go to a certain place, reach for the bill. A guy like me won’t allow you to pay anyway. However, don’t ask me out. I did’t wanna see you ANYWAY today and you don’t even reach for the bill. Just call me next time and say “I’m hungry, bring me something to eat.” Lets keep it real, or ask me do I want you to cook for me and give me a grocery list to buy your ass groceries. Have some tact.

4. DO NOT “@” me on twitter. In all likelihood if we’re only dating, I have a few prospects still. Don’t be getting all clingy and shit on twitter. I might still be knocking down my ex, don’t fuck up the good things I have going for myself.

5. Chivalry Fella’s, You pull up, park the car, get out, walk around to her side, let her out, close the door behind her, open the the venue door for her, walk in behind her. LADIES YOU WAIT, Fellas you then if there is a second door open that one for her too and walk in behind her again. LADIES YOU WAIT. Fellas you then approach the hostess and take charge from there on out. Men and women look like a bunch of barbarians when they’re out. (If you are taking her to a spot like Johnny Rockets or some shit. Not necessary. You just look all weird being extra fancy for wack food.)

6. I KNOW YOU HUNGRY So why did your fake fancy ass order a salad that has a few slithers of meat in it? No, you can’t have none of my food. THATS WHY THERE’S A MENU. You order what you want, I order what I want. Studies show men are more attracted to women who order red meat anyway. You being all prissy for nothing.

7. If you really liked him or her on the 1st date let em know. Fellas, follow up with flowers. Ladies send a text with that kiss smiley face at the end. Upgrade her to McCormick & Schmicks the next time fellas. Let her know she’s progressing (LOL) Again fellas, if you off rip take her ass to a super fancy restaurant she will deem that as the norm. Therefore the night you just want to go for a burger and Ice cream at Friendly’s for instance she’s looking at you with the “You got me fucked up” face. Make them appreciate what you’re willing to do for them, not what you can do.

8. Turn your phone off when around each other Even I’m guilty of this. I really don’t know how to detach from work. However, each party deserves undivided attention. Even if you’re just walking, turn the phone off. No interruptions.

9. If you’re not giving me the “Yams/Box/Snatch/Cooter” AND my actual woman, do not ask me for money. If I have to work for mine, why would I just give it away to another able bodied person? My woman works to keep me happy, we’re just dating. What you’re actually doing is showing me you’re a horrible manager of finances. I have too much to have you just mismanaging shit.

10. Ladies, Dating isn’t for a man to impress you or compete with the next man. You have to impress us just as much. You women have a sense of entitlement out of this world. “Courting” my ass, courting & you trying to get over on the sly is 2 different things. The whole problem with dating is too many dudes out here screwing up the process by excessively spending to impress. “Tricking” etc. Maybe if yall had to work for your place as much as he do his, we’d get better quality.

11. Lastly, when you decide to have sex with us on the 1st date doesn’t make us look at you funny, It’s how we procure the pussy that makes us look at you funny. Stacey Dash fuck on the first date, but you don’t? Not saying you should, but to say “I don’t fuck on the first date bc it’s the first date” is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. If we have a awesome day, great time, food, convo, etc and then you put great box on me, YOU REALLY THINK I’m never calling you again? Stop having rules for reasons you don’t even know. Go with the flow. Be selective, but enjoy yourself.


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  1. Shizzy says:

    Great piece babe, good rules to live by ladies and gentleman. Respect is first and for most

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