“It’s Isn’t Cheating, It’s Called ‘Transition’, Baby….’ By @PhillyTheBoss

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So last night on twitter myself and the homie @EvilJeanyis was discussing sorry ass women again. Ladies, not all of you are sorry therefore if this doesn’t pertain to you, let it fly. However you fake good women, huddle up It’s time for another dosage of reality and insight.

Ladies, quite a few of you advertise qualities you are not. Men aren’t super sleuths like you guys are so we just go with the flow until we find out otherwise. Now again, remember I speak for myself and guys similar to me, not ALL men. A lot of us are very street savvy dudes that knows how to dissect the truth from any lie and vice versa etc. With that said a lot of you women “fraud” to land that particular guy you want instead of being yourself and working in attributes that you know he likes. Many ladies pretend they come with particular features he desire, when in all actuality you don’t. While you’re putting on this act, he grows frustrated and he may not ACT on it right then and there but it is lingering in his mind. As time goes on, more and more we realize “She’s not the one” however men keep women around for different reasons: Stability, sex, consistency, companionship etc. We also know that if we communicate “Yo, you’re not working out” that you are either A. Leave before we are ready for you to or B. Try to fraud & fake into us letting you stay in our life.

Enter the “Transition” phase. This isn’t a blog justifying it as a proper recourse. I’m just letting you know its around. The transition phase is when we are fed up and decide “I don’t want to be single but I don’t want her either.” Hey, it’s a dirty game but you started it. We start courting other women, getting to know, slowly not giving a shit about your opinion or thoughts. Detaching ourselves. While we implement the new interest. Then comes that morning where you think we woke up suddenly and said “Fuck you”, Nah, not really. We been said it. You just weren’t paying attention, kind of like how we wasn’t in the beginning. Think about it as: A relationship is like a job, you show up for the initial interview, if we like you, we hire you. If your productivity levels drop, you start showing up late, taking hour and 45 lunch breaks when you only have a 1 hour lunch break allotted on your schedule, leaving early and calling in sick every pay Friday. We eventually will bring in a new training class. No one EVER gets fired without a replacement waiting in the wing. Therefore ladies, why should we fire you without replacing you first? Now this doesn’t go for long term relationships, this is more for people who had short term relationships the 6months-year people. Once you are in that 2 year or more realm each party needs time off before they make the next situation toxic with their stupidity. However there may be a slight transition to bring in a “piece”. The official “Transition” girl.

I will keep this short and sweet hopefully. Ladies, not all of you are “HER“. A lot of you are actually the “Transition” girl. The in the meantime, in between time joint. We may do a lot of shit like a couple but we’re not. We see no future with you, but you are fun, good company, great in bed and can whip up a plate. You just may not fit into the future plans. It might be you, it might be us. There is a slight glimmer of hope though, while 92.8% of you transition women never make it to “Queen” status, 7.2% of you actually show you worth and get upgraded to that level. I wouldn’t bank on it if I were you, I’d just say BE THE BEST WOMAN YOU CAN BE at all times if you want that man. Quite a few of you women get into situations that you want to get into because of the guy you are pursuing and then complain about that guy. The greatest woman to a man is one who plays her position.

Again ladies, Its not necessarily cheating. We’re just transitioning. Phasing you out and bring in a new training class to hopefully find someone to do your job better than you and up to our needs/standards. If you want to play devils advocate here you cheated us, MAYBE if you would have done your job we wouldn’t need to be looking to hire new workers.

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4 Responses to “It’s Isn’t Cheating, It’s Called ‘Transition’, Baby….’ By @PhillyTheBoss

  1. Gavee says:

    Like I’ve said before you give them what they want then they decide that’s not what they really want. MAYBE, SOMETIMES, etc…

  2. Tia Black says:

    Wow…this is so largely a huge eye opener for myself and many other women….I am sure! This type of realness will not be accepted easily, coincidently, I am choking trying to swallow it as I type. But Philly did females a huge justice is publishing this article.

    Thanks Luv,

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  4. Asia says:

    This shit is hilariously rubbish.

    Yall crappy ass negroes will justify anything wont you.

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