“Losing your future within your past..” [Guest blog by @PatriciaFalona]

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Women and insecurities go hand in hand. How many of you have had a good woman, but left her simply because she was insecure? A lot of women don’t realize exactly how detrimental insecurities can be a relationship. Of course, if our men made us feel secure, and reassured us that we are their one and only every now and then, the nagging and bitching would probably be cut in half. But the other half is something that we have to work on as women. How are we supposed to do that? Well, most women focus so much on losing him, when in reality, your main concern should be securing your place in the relationship. Here’s how:

Pick and choose your battles. Ladies, there is a time and a place for everything. You have to know which battles are worth fighting, and when it’s probably in your best interest to just shut the fuck up. Men act out of logic, women act out of emotion. Sometimes, you have to sit back and analyze a situation before you react. Is it worth it to wake him out of his sleep, yelling “who the fuck is this bitch!?” every time you see him interacting with a female that you don’t know? No. contrary to popular belief, most men don’t stick their dicks in anything with a pulse, so there is a possibility that she might just be a friend. And what happens when you realize that shes just a friend? You end up embarrassing yourself and looking insecure. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. If you can’t trust that person enough to see them talking to another woman without automatically assuming that he’s fucking her, you don’t need to be with him. Actually, you don’t need to be with anyone, because there are clearly issues that you have to work on. However, don’t be a fool. That girl that he’s constantly flirting with may not be just a friend. In fact, she might be the other woman. Don’t be blinded by love and think that just because he does “xyz” for you, that he isn’t doing it for someone else as well. Especially if your man is successful. If he can afford you, most likely he can afford another you. Don’t think that just because he pays all of your bills, sends you on shopping sprees and treats you to nothing but the best, that he can’t do it for someone else as well. And you’d never know. Men know that if they are feeding you, fucking you and financing you, they will rarely hear a peep out of you. The same goes for her; if she’s keeping her happy, you’ll probably never even know that she exists, because hse’s playing her position. If you suspect your man is cheating, wait until you have actual facts before you come at him with anything. Don’t be stupid, like I said, but at the end of the day, she could really be no one to him.

If you do not acknowledge your competition, they do not exist. Instead of wondering who this stranger bitch is that your man is flirting with, focus on HIM. Again, if you do not acknowledge your her, she does not exist, and you will eventually elimate all (if any) competition. It is crucial that you do this especially early in the relationship. If you and your man haven’t been together that long, more than likely, he has options. Instead of worrying about these other women, FOCUS ON YOUR MAN. If you have a real man, and if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, he will have no need for another woman. That is how you eliminate your competition. Sometimes, you have to think like a man. Get to know your man, get to know what he likes, when he likes it and how he likes it. Send him nude photos at random. By doing this, you will keep all of his attention on you. Again, if he is a real man, he won’t have any need to request photos from other women if you are sending them without him even having to ask. Your job isn’t to worry about the other women, it is to make sure that he can’t even think about another woman. If you want that man, do whatever you have to do to keep that man. If you’re a prude in the bedroom, the first thing he will do before he even thinks about cheating on you, is communicate with you what it is that you don’t do and what he would like for you to do. You have to be a “hubby ho”. I don’t care what your man asks you to do, do it. Because every time you say no, there’s a woman willing to say yes. If she has the same qualities as you, AND she’s down for whatever in the bedroom, that will be the woman that he leaves you for. Again, focus on what your man wants and what your man likes. Don’t frown your face up if he asks you to cum on your face and reply with “but, my hair…”, fuck that, a real dude will send you to the salon in the morning and have your hair looking even better than before. Take care of your man, and he will take care of you. Another thing, your man should never have to ask you for anything. Even if it’s something as simple as a glass of water, always make sure your man is good. He shouldn’t have to ask you to throw on something sexy when he comes home; you should already have it on before he walks through the door… if you have on anything at all. Make your man want to rush home to you. Make him see that what he has at home is worth way more than anything he can find being in the streets all night. Instead of putting all of your energy into what other woman might be trying to snag your man, be THAT woman that your man needs and he won’t need anyone else. By focusing on other women, you’re doing yourself more harm than good. If she’s trying to get your man, just like you should be doing everything in your power to KEEP him, she’s doing everything in her power to GET him, and trust, she isn’t thinking about you.

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