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You went and got yourself into to a real live cage match with a female who is focused like a lion creeping through the shrubs of Africa.”

Let me bring you right back to where this life lesson originates. All through college I never encountered a “Sexual Beast”. Just women that liked to get naked and a little nasty from time to time. Even my first few years out of college, I was still treading through the casual females who called giving head in the whip “freaky”.  I hadn’t encountered the other breed of women that existed yet. I vividly remembering booking a late 20’s professional. She had sex appeal that oozed outta her knee caps… And she ran track in college. You feel me? She could sneeze and you’d feel like there was sexual innuendo hidden in the action.

I’m a guy that probes with comments, not questions. Comments often pull the reaction the question would’ve never showed you. We were on the phone and I remember telling her porn was a tutorial for success in the sack. She giggled and said “It’s a way of life in the bedroom honestly.” I smirked , stood up in my room, silently did the Jordan fist pump and pointed at myself in the mirror with that look of victory and success.  For the next few days we flirted and exchanged ideas of what needs to occur in the bedroom. I talked a big game. Why shy away right? In my naïve state, not once did I figure her to be a “Sexual Beast”.

I’ll never forget, it was a brisk autumn Friday night. I hopped in the ride knocking Trillville “Some Cut”on repeat. I slid over to her pad like I already proved something. As soon as I got in her place, it already had the ambiance of greatness. She came out the bathroom and spoke the words “head to my bedroom and get comfortable. I’ll just be a minute.” I strolled into her room and as soon as I turned the corner my eyes got wide like a toddler on Christmas morning. I saw she had lube and oil on the dresser. I immediately dropped to floor and knocked out 20 push ups. Swung my arms from side to side and did a quick stretch. Bullshit if you want, but cramps are real and women will quickly call it just an excuse, because she thinks you’re quick pumper.  I digress.

She hovered outta the bathroom. Yeah, hovered… She didn’t waste any time stripping down. I didn’t waste a second either. I shit you not, when I say it was south Florida humid in that room. Everything was going so well… I gave her 2 golden tickets worth of strokes.  Till this day I remember feeling like I ran through her … Her thigh was quivering like it was the only part of her body in below 15 degree weather.  Laying there proud as one should be, she boasted the words “are you ready?”….. The 3rd nut is almost a myth to me. I’ve reached this a few times before. But a 3rd nut is overtime in a game that you were up by 30 in the first place. You don’t have any business being there. I don’t care who you are. I know what I’m capable of.  I told her I needed a few. It all got pretty tricky after that…

She leaned over to her drawer and pulled out a dildo that was disrespectful large. This plastic devil of a device had a WINGSPAN……… I looked at her with the “What the fuck you bout to do with that” face… No assistance asked for either. She just erased what I just did. I felt like the third wheel for a cool 4 minutes. I went from being the star in the video to being the guy on the set of the video shoot who gets everyone coffee.

My pride wouldn’t let me become a full on bystander. I joined in and slapped the night stick outta her hand. But after everything was over, I looked at her dildo with extreme disdain in my heart.  I didn’t spend the night. As I was leaving she slapped me on my ass and said “next time lets get that 3rd one outta you sooner.” Was she just playing me off as a rookie?  I just remember getting back to my car and mumbling to myself  “this broad is a Sexual Beast”.  Before I even got home she sent me a text trying to make plans for the next go round. But I had to come to grips that her toy was something I either had to compete with or use as a tag team partner….

We didn’t have many encounters  after that, but they were fun. I decided to let her toys set the table. And I play the cleanup hitter… Play smarter not harder. Fellas look… There’s women out here that have toys that they travel with. Sleep with. Wake up to. Refer to in conversation because that plastic life saver serves a purpose. It’s with her more than you are…. I tagged that son of a bitch in and let it tame that Sexual Beast. Matter of fact, I encourage y’all to quickly find out if you’re dealing with a female who has toys. You might find yourself in a better space with her quicker than you know.…  Until next time…

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  1. JSekhon says:

    Yuppp… better to join forces with the LELOs of the world, then work against.

    And if you don’t know what a LELOis… *google*

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