SoPhi Thanks you! 2.5 weeks 100K views!

by • November 7, 2011 • NewsComments (0)1226

Really quick, I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever visited the site loved or hated it etc. I wasn’t really sure what I expected #’s wise besides “100k by New Years would be dope.” We officially surpassed that, so THANK all of you, from everyone over here at Sophisticated Ignorance. Nightclub & Restaurant reviews, events, contest, awards and so much more coming soon. Stick around, by this time next year I have a lot in store for yall.

In Closing.. Meals cooked by Bobby Flay, bad Peruvian bitties wearing nothin’ but BeatsbyDre & giving me loofa baths w/ nuthin but Oil of Olay.SoPhi.ZillionaireMinds. Gucci down to my toenails Plehboi.We Da Bizness. *Birdman Handrub*

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