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          With slight help from my good homie @MrMikeJay, I pieced together 10 commandments that could have you swimming in no obligations, plenty of sexy skin & text messages that promise the best acts. On twitter you’ll see the women that are involved letting out silent cries for a “him”. The #lonelytweet by these women are an open invitation to fulfill this role and I’m gonna give you brothas insight on how to be a perennial power in the game of “HIM”.

1. Under no circumstances do you mention her man whether it’s directly or indirectly. Why would you want her to think about her situation any more than she should? Play the escape for her. And talking down about that turkey isn’t going get you any further. She has female friends for that.  Don’t be a bitch sir…

2. Control the conversations. It’s a democracy on the outer lining, with dictatorship ideas. Initially you want to keep the conversation brief. When she sees this, she’s gonna ponder  “he is thinking bout me” without even saying it at all. +1 for “him”…

3. Slight thirst is only acceptable in the privacy of your own inbox. Let her nibble on the “you’re my beautiful secret” idea.  Don’t get on twitter or instagram all in the mentions or comments acting like a hoe. Women only get flattered by compliments when they are attracted or his approach is nothing like she’s ever seen. If she wears sexy like her last name, then she done seen it all and often before. If she’s feeling you on any level it will be well received.

4. Be the man she wish she had. Paint a picture of “flawed perfection” if you will. Women usually will tell you everything they want throughout the course of different conversations. I.e. A man can spend all the money in the world, do all the extravagant tricks in the world, but she could be lacking that friendship you’re supposed to have with your significant other. She’ll make that known by saying something like “he’s a great guy n takes care of me, but i dunno”. This is a RSVP to him-dom

5. Keep your vaginal endeavors as vague as possible. You don’t want to come off as a hoe, but you don’t want to look unavailable. When speaking about the women of your past, try to stay as positive as possible and avoid bashing at all cost. You’re a reflection of the people you date, so your portrayal of your past pussi (pussy plural) will say a lot about you. You don’t want past poont throwing a monkey wrench in your promising future.

6. The “him” game is a patient man’s game. Because your approach is subtle and calculated you could be playing the back for days, weeks even months. Her main “He” is gonna fumble for the last time in one way shape or form and she may not want to leave him, but she will look to you to fill that void. Those 3 hours she wanted to escape the swirling questions & doubts of her relationship and fill it with your company at T.G.I.Fridays happy hour with good convo, jack Daniel’s shrimp and her drink of choice. For more insight about what to conclude from the drink she orders & the possible sex that could follow click here Her Choice Of Alcohol Is Who She Is Sexually

7. Again, don’t mention her relationship or her man. I have to reiterate this because these #newniggas are throwing salt on the competition because their game is wet toilet paper. A real woman can peep this and see that you bring nothing to the table, so your only angle is to bash. She already isn’t happy, that’s established. Make it all about you and your friendship/connection and nothing about her man and her unhappiness. So when y’all aren’t speaking and you cross her mind she isn’t thinking about YOU and not your convo about her man. Let her come up with the thoughts that you’re what she’s missing in her relationship.

8. Less is more. The homie @callmebullet said it best when she said “niggas that floss have a broke conscious.” Whenever you do some shit to say “look at me” you have to exceed that standard to keep her interest. If you talking up your stroke game, you’re gonna  have to shoot diamonds to impress her. A beautiful woman can get dick at the drop of a SMS and all her life, niggas have been giving her their A+ game in hopes of keeping her. A woman’s imagination is descriptive as a Mark Twain passage. That’s why they don’t need porno to masturbate. They just shut their eyes and fiddle their frustrations of the week right out. I say that to say this, you have to let her build up her own expectations of what y’all would be like. Eventually if you play your cards right she’ll want to make those thoughts a reality. Curiosity killed the cat (pun intended).

9. Set casual goals with a decent timeline to achieve each stage. Any man without a plan is a man who will be knee deep in bar tabs & doing 110mph down the highway called the “friend zone”. You don’t want that stress of knowing you were there, but you played your situation so casual that she really started seeing you as “just a friend”. There’s really nothing worse than that thought process of “she owes me sex”.

10. Stay consistently spontaneous. You want to be the one she fights herself from bragging about. Damn near flustered that someone has her so out of sorts in a good way about the small fun things. Because being the new thrill to her will keep her focused like a nerd trying to solve a rubix cube for the first time.

Let these commandments lead you into a land of prospering and great nights filled with promising warm thighs…

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