The ‘Good’, The ‘Bad’ and The ‘Ugly’.. of thanksgiving

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Some Mac n Cheese I made, Hey ladies!! LMFAO

Every year on twitter there’s people who show off their food with no inclination that the shit just doesn’t look edible. However they are proud of their accomplishments. Well below is some of the Good, some bad.. and 1 ugly. LOL. Enjoy.

The Bad

1. I have NO CLUE what @iMusiqq‘s intentions were with this dish

2. Someone in @ColorrMeeBadd_‘s house likes all their meats well done (o_O)

3. Whoever made this cold platter of hatred for @Timcast should be tortured

4. Good Job @Savyysav03 you ruined another Thanksgiving. No one is coming next year, you do know this right?

5. Pray for the homie @RobHaveman he’s got it rough out here

The Good
1. I envy @King_Dope‘s plate

2. I hate olives but good job @LilStuffStuff

3. I don’t eat pork but solid outing for @Winter_BossMobb

4. Oh @Saniyyah was showing off. She was definitely someones first round draft pick this cuffing season.

5. Shoutout to @ImYoLoveJones for teaching hers early. Baby girl won’t be basic…

The Ugly
Just one… So while I was waiting for a few things to come off the stove, something HIGHLY disturbing floated across my screen. It was @_Cokeman He look like he a member of the deacon board or about to tell on SOMEBODY in this pic. Y’all can caption that yourselves.


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