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This blog was to drop maybe a month ago now, however with the recent airing of T.I & Tiny’s show about their family I feel now is the perfect time to drop this blog seeing as tho all you women LOVED that relationship as shown on T.V., why not?

Lets start at the beginning. In many urban households due to many different reasons, the family dynamic of our reality as oppose to the one we see perpetrated on T.V. is vastly different. If not raised in one, many men and or women in our community have witnessed either broken homes, abusive homes, struggling households, single parent homes or children raised by a aunt or grandmother. While all the struggle and strife has created some of the most ingenious people to roam this earth, it has also created a very cynical culture with very little faith in one another. Many of us have a “me first and if I get a chance to fit you in somewhere, I will”, attitude, that transcends everything. If we don’t look into what created our attitudes and outlooks on the world as we see it, we fail many times to see where we went or is currently going wrong.

In my personal opinion, “All Great Women Know When To Submit”. The problem is many women don’t know how to arrive to the destination where they feel comfortable or secure enough to any sort of submission. Humans in general cloud what they want with what they need and many people in our own community allow that process to make its descent into our personal lives. Yes, we all want to be attracted to what we are attracted to. However, ask yourself; “Is this what I’m attracted to or is this what I’m told to be attracted to.” Another example is, there are women who wear and own several pairs of “Red Bottoms” yet live in apartments or still at home “Working and going to school”. Nothing is wrong with it, do what you do, but many of us were not raised on such things, so you have to ask “when and where did I acquire this taste or is it me caring too much about how I’m perceived. I’m not going off topic if you think I am, I’m helping you breakdown your deficient thought process in order to obtain information.

At the conclusion of T.I. & Tiny’s show, T.I. said to her “Go and draw my bath water woman” in a joking tone and of course she joked back, however she immediately got up went and ran his bath. What is beyond amazing to me is how women always criticize Tiny’s looks. “How did she get T.I.?” Is the rumblings. How she got the man many of you women lust after is by being a good woman and part of that is submitting to her man. We all have witnessed Tiny is a lil hood and have a mouth on her, but at the same time of having that mouth she knows her place within her castle. I’m sure they have their arguments just as the next couple do. However, the place or pecking order isn’t in dispute and it has very little to do with money, IF you are familiar with the T.I & Tiny story. I’m quite sure many of you are still in denial saying “well he’s a millionaire, its easy to submit, everything will be taken care of.” WRONG, the flaw in most of you is allowing something like money to dictate your character. T.I. said one of the realest things you could ever hear; “I don’t need you out trying to make money, I need you here holding down the home so I can make all the money we need”. That right there says it all but I will break it down further.

Many modern day women fail in knowing how to cultivate their relationship. Everything placed on this planet grows and evolves. Everything. Cultivation is very much key to the process, examples being: A child who is having a horrible home life and is not acquiring the right amount of nurturing doesn’t have the focus to be at their very best in school. Thus limiting their potential to grow. While men and women in the work place who have at home stresses can not go to work and have a productive day at work because their focus isn’t all there, thus limiting their potential to progress/grow. No one is saying all women should stay home, mop the floor, and in the end just be barefoot and pregnant. However at the same time what are you doing, to make the man you’re with better? When guys are young the thought is “There’s no pussy like new pussy” as they get old it becomes more of “Who can I be at peace with and who’s going to hold me down and or make me better”. A woman’s duty is to create the a great home life. Security and Stability isn’t just the job of a man. A woman also provides security and stability within the home so that the man need not worry about anything. A woman who is a asset to a man don’t necessarily have to bring financial assets to that man. She brings him stability and a peace that he can’t find elsewhere. Any woman who is intelligent enough, realizes a man can “RUN” his household, but how she treats him dictates what he brings into it. The fact of the matter is, submission in a proper way is the lead position. Yet because of what society deemed the meaning of “Submitting to your man” to be, women have grown to hate the word.

Unfortunately maybe due to culture, qualities or the shift in what we value most in life women see the position behind the man as degrading. A quality man introduces his better half as such and great woman do not need to bask in the glory of being great by trying to prove she is her mans equal. Every woman states that she wants a humble man, yet many are unwilling to accept the humble position. Imagine if after the coach of your favorite NFL team ran to the end zone after someone scored and did a TD dance. It might be awkwardly funny for a split second but then you would think; “What a freakin moron.” Whats understood shouldn’t have to be said and when people see a great man with a woman by his side, they are well aware of the hand you have in his current standing in his community.

I’m sure this blog wont change much of anything, for many women It’s all about everything being ready made. I myself felt like I was single for a while due to paranoia as like other men I have discussed this with. Many women meet men who have a few things or a lot going for themselves and they become impressed and enamored with that as oppose to what type of man we are. The conversations become less about the man and more about how the man acquired. Maybe its due to the caliber of men they are used to, but women are like deer in many cases: Once they see the light, they get stuck and us wrecking out isn’t too far removed from that. Great men have great options, and the sad part is many women much rather be a option to a man they see as great as oppose to being the only to a man that is good.

There’s a man much better than I am right somewhere right now making 11.50 a hr trying to survive, with a goal and a dream and a plan. Who I’ve seen quite a few women say “I can’t submit to a man making….”, That logic is foolery. If money dictates your character your for sale period. That’s how INTELLIGENT men with money see it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s fools with money too and as the old saying goes “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Meanwhile “Mr Nice 11.50 per hr guy” will be overlooked for what he doesn’t have right now for someone like me, and no, not for what I’m willing to give, but for what I can POSSIBLY give. Values have lost their value and morals are second to money. It’s a cold world, and unfortunately convenience is the only thing keeping many of the non-submissive types warm.

Salute to all the great women like Michelle Obama and Tiny who seen the potential in their man before he reached his potential and through it all, remain the backbones of their respective families. GREAT MEN, LOVE YOU!


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