SoPhi: #RandomRant “Jealous? No, You’re Just Making Him Look Bad”

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Last night I went for a walk to clear my thoughts and I overheard: Guy: “What was that all about”, Lady: “Huh? What do you mean?” Guy: “You entertained his flirting a little much”, Lady: “What? Please, Don’t be jealous, just because he flirts don’t mean I should be mean, I was just being polite.”

Fellas, for the most part we know what came next: “Fuck you mean Jealous?!” Ladies, that “jealous” term makes a real dude who isn’t jealous, PISSED THEE FUCK OFF. Also, why would we be jealous of something we supposedly have and the next man doesn’t? Many women do things based off of their perceptions and very little of what it looks like and are quick to say “who cares what others think, we know…..”, WRONG. If I’m your man, I’m your man at all times. Shit you do today may come back to me 2 months from now. It’s not about being jealous, controlling, over protective or any other bullshit you would like to conjure up in your mind. A quality man, chose you because he seen qualities in you that he adore. A quality man, likes a woman OF quality. Why depreciate your value by entertaining other men advances even if they can’t have you? The minute you entertain the next man, whether you drop the “I have a boyfriend though…” line on them or not, they’re thinking “A little more work, and I’m in there.” Thus fucking up your value. Do this consistently and men begin to think your man is inferior. A man who doesn’t care what other men think in regards to his lady “hoe-ness” has already reserved his spot as an inferior man. A man who is deemed weak by other men is fatal in many forms. We won’t get into all that because that’s too much “male” shit for this topic..

Let’s go a little further, you only show restraint when it comes to the act of physically dealing with another dude however your flirtatious or “let them down easy” ways have told this man in fact that YOUR man, has very little if any control over what you do with your body. The male mind is Alpha male or nothing. A mans man, woman isn’t one who should be available for conversation. If a man compliments you, great. Accept it, thank him and keep it moving. Eye contact, the whole conversation shit is for what? You’re going to go home and tell your man what exactly? “I met a new friend today”?? I’m not for domestic violence but that has “pick her up by her shoulders, hold her in the air and say “Have u lost your mother fuckin mind?” written all over it.

For you women NOT in “relationships”..

A quality woman or man is one with self control. Every carnal pleasure shouldn’t be explored, in a the female case though, “traditionally” (Oh, there’s that word you women love to use when convenient) a woman was chaste. Sh would woman represent her man well, and that representation comes prior to a relationship, great things don’t just happen. There has to be a setup for it. Just as class doesn’t come with Louboutin shoes, nor Jimmy Choos, or any material accomplishments, it comes from whats within your character. You can’t turn the shit on and off. Sure, put your Loubs on, prance around town in them, tweet about how many pair you have, talk about your degree and your job (There’s hoes with degrees and jobs). The fact will remain, the odometer on your pussy won’t change. Many women want successful men. Part of a mans success is in the woman he chooses to represent him. Sure, many men won’t ask about your body count but making a hoe a housewife is still against better judgment. ‘Pretty Woman’ was only a movie.

by @PhillyTheBoss

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