Sophi: “THE BLUFFING GAME” by @MrMikeJay

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As soon as you sat down and played your first hand, she started clocking you for tells and tendencies.

New year upon us and the only thing that’s changed is that women we surround ourselves with got more crafty and cunning… Ask yourself something champ. How many texts did you receive in between the Christmas and New Years Eve window from women that seemed like they had ambition for more? Probably too many to even feel like you could capitalize on.  Maybe you only had a few slide through your inbox with lofty promises of warm meals and butt naked bedroom role playing. Light sexting if you will…  The drunk text is the bluffing females textbook move. She’s probing your interest to see how much you’re willing to bite off. You see the Bluffing Game is basically an app installed in 95.9% of women these days. Whether we decide to play the game is a different realm. Let me bring you in closer. Use my past for a more clear example if you will. Walk with me…

There I was at a dimly lit dinner surveying the menu, sitting across from a woman who had the full package that breaks the lesser man down into a feeble state. I sat there confident in my hand that I had played the whole time. She expressed interest that made me believe we were on our way to a smoother more consistent place with everything. Well aware that in her past she was nothing but a “Man Eater” my overwhelming confidence from everything I wowed her with previous to this pivotal moment had me feeling unstoppable… A superhero if you will. She lightly spoke these next few statements and questions that shook the platform I was perched on. “I wanna move forward and I like you a lot. I’m not used to the way you treat me and I like it. I need you to show me more so I can make sure these other men trying to court me aren’t worth my time. Are you willing to do that? Do you have other options Mike?”

I sat there with this exact face, mulling over all the things she was plotting to move forward with if I answered the question wrong. Because trust, there’s always other serious options when you’re thinking about settling down with one woman. It’s just the way of the world. But what puzzled me, was her play to bring in the 3rd party. The other men and what my ambition was for the immediate future. This is a class A move used by women who deal with bachelors like myself. She used outside competition to make me rush my decision and asked me to expose myself entirely so she could navigate the ship from that very moment. Goddammit I just found myself in poker game where I was positive I had the flush draw. You may be sitting there reading this asking yourself “Why was he being so over analytical in that situation???”

Rule #1 to dating, always remember who they were when you first met them. No matter how far along you get always understand that the single them is existing. I was dealing with the  Queen of all bluffers. She didn’t have any tendencies or tell signs outside of getting rid of one guy to give another a chance without notice. I answered the question like any man who wanted more would’ve…. I told her I’m in it for the best results possible for the two of us. It was that very moment that she bluffed me out of the dating game with her. I showed my hand when I thought I was disguising my unsureness. I gave her the generic answer, when it called for the unique. She grouped me right back into the pack. Middle of the ocean with no life vest.

Fellas, understand something about women who date often. They’re crafty at bluffing you into a corner. Women that mastered the Bluffing Game are Jedi’s of the sexual innuendo conversations. You feel so close and you haven’t even nuzzled your nose anywhere near her inner thighs. The flirty texts, the late dinner dates with discussions of more and lastly the “what do you want in the future” questions…Yeah they mix it up in how it’s delivered, but each finds it’s way into the process. Don’t get anything I’m saying confused with women who actually are just giving you all of them. You’ll know when a woman want’s all of you and she’s giving you all of herself. That feeling is unmistakable.

Oh and don’t be fooled to think that only the women you date use this backdoor tactic. Ex’s do it too my friend. They’ll spot you crafting a new promising lane for yourself with plenty of prospects that they’re aware of and decide to swoop in and give you subtle hints of what could be relived. For us men our imagination and memory of past sex could very well be used against us for the moment, long enough to detour us from our major goal. That’s all your ex needed and wanted my man. That’s what we call a “Bluff Session”. She implemented enough distraction to make you lose sight of who you could very well replace her with. She never wanted you back. She just wanted your attention at arms reach. Just enough to keep you guessing.

There’s a nation of women united out here that got brothas folding left & right because of their mastery in the “Bluffing Game”. Passing advice between each other. Snickering at the losses of men that made that 1 faulty move. They’re single with options. Never really available but always entertaining someone. Fellas, sit down and look at that apple of your eye you may be dating right now. Ask yourself this. Is she capable of pulling your card without you being aware of what could happen next? If so you could be knee deep in her “Bluffing Game“….

Till next time. Be safe. Stay classy and keep your head on a swivel.


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