SoPhi: “I Don’t Negotiate with Terrorist” Rant by @PhillyTheBoss

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Ladies, I’ve fuckin had it with you all. (Ha.) No seriously though, throughout my blogs I have gave yall ammunition upon ammunition to use on men. YET many of you do not have a clue as to ‘WTF’ is wrong with you. Well I’m here to help and don’t worry, we’ll tackle this 1 topic at a time because god knows women can only handle being called out on one bullshit item at a time.

Like terrorist, women have a particular stance because of what happened in the past AND like terrorist they spread their contagious propaganda amongst others females, planting seeds of distrust, curiosity, skepticism and doubt. Fellas you ever been having a “debate” or “argument” with your girl and thought “This aint about me.. Where the fuck is this coming from?” Oh, its coming from them terroristic ass heffas she call her friends. Women for some odd reason live vicariously through their friends when it comes to men and failures. Right now, they’re reading this and in denial like every terrorist would be. Just like the terrorist who record and make speeches on why they want to eliminate others, women have many excuses on why they are the way they are. No self check, No case-by-case basis. They look for signs. When Steve Harvey simp ass dropped that book, what was they all saying? “Act like a lady, Think like a man.” Only terrorist want to know the next move. When you’re in love you go with whatever the day bring. Yet, these heffas are more interested in trying to figure out how they can beat you to the next spot. Want to know what we thinking ladies; “Am I going to miss NBA highlights if I jack off right quick.” Thats it! Yall paid 19.95 to figure out a nigga “Beatcha Meat” schedule. Congrad-u-fuck-YOU-lations.

This shit. The compromise system in relationships are more damaged and the social security system in America. We’ve been kicking this can down the road too long now. Time to fix it. Ladies, If we both come to the table with 10 things we want and you give me my 1 big request and u manage to slide in 9 of yours, that’s not compromise, you deceitful heffa you. Yes we’re hip to y’all “Give in a lil and let him feel like he won, when I’m really the one winning” ways. The difference is, MEN don’t care to argue like y’all do. We just take what we get and shut up about it. Why do you think many entertainers have female managers? You all drive the hardest bargains. You all don’t start in the middle, yall start with the man receiving ZERO and then you have complex ways of negotiating to where you slide in all your bullshit and give him his one major request. I’m sorry, WE’VE HAD IT! We want our lil shit too!

No more negotiating. What I want is what I want woman. FUCK YOUR DREAMS! This is Reality. Unless I propose it to you in question form its not up for debate or Negotiations. I’m not negotiating with any terrorist. Either do it my way or get intense sanctions applied to dat ass! Shopping, pillow talk, random eat u from the back moments, ALL DEAD! No more. Now after you read this, get the fuck in the kitchen, start on dinner and get that mouth as moist as possible for when your man get home. You have a long evening ahead of you. Don’t call your single ass girlfriend either, if that heffa spent less time on the phone with you giving you fucked up ass advice her lonely ass might find a man to chop a onion for herself.

(P.S. I haven’t had a chauvinistic rant in awhile, so while a lot of this is fact, its also humor. Enjoy. LOL)

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  1. Gavee says:

    Why I gotta be a heifa tho. hunh? Terrorist maybe but heifa, HA!

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