#SoPhi | “The Modern Day N*gger: Act I” by @PhillyTheBoss

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“I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them someone else’s money.”Rick Santorum GOP Presidential Candidate

Every day, visceral disgust for “our kind” aka The Blacks™ seemingly seeps out of the pores of those who are not educated enough nor care to be involved enough to understand us. At the same time we, our people, day in and day out provide the ammunition needed to assist those who look at us in an unsavory manner. To hold up what they deem as proper examples to assist in spreading their propaganda among their constituents who lack just as much knowledge as they do. With everyday passing, the value of our very being deflates meanwhile the material objects we cherish escalates. It is very much the mentality of a Nigger. Keep in mind, Nigger is a person of ignorance, someone who is not informed, unaware, lacks know-how and at the same time cares to not know. This is not a generalization of all of us, because honestly there are other races who have infiltrated what they see as the “black culture” and mimic what they witness in order to fit in. They are just as much niggers, if not worst than the original people of whom were laced with the title of “Nigger”. Here, I will break down the type of ignorant conduct, conversation and thought processes that can be freely witnessed daily. You can get offended now or later OR you can consume it as food for thought but in my opinion it needed to be said.. BY ONE OF US.

This isn’t about who you should vote for. I don’t get into the business of that. I do, however find it beyond amazing that the same people who happily rapped “My president is black” by Young Jeezy when Obama got elected, allowed the mainstream media dictate to them what he didn’t do as opposed to what he did get accomplished. In Barack’s first year, he attempted to revamp healthcare. He announced it and everything he said sounded awesome. I personally thought “Take That! My president is off to a running start” and what happens? We were blind sided by the “Tea Party”. I will refrain from calling them the lynch mob that I feel many of them are, here, simply because this is more about us, than them. The Tea party is for less government, “less taxes”, less, less, less. Sounds great, however if you give me an abandoned or supremely damages property and tell me to fix it I will likely need more than a construction paper/cardboard box budget to make repairs. For those not in the know, if you haven’t caught on, in this section I’m breaking down politics for you, just a tad so you can understand and hopefully to be inspired to yearn more. In everything in life balance is key. Yes, Tea party-ers less can be more and at the same time you also have to open your wallet to fix issues that are smack dab in your face. A economic meltdown is not a state where you say, “lets spend less money and wait it out. It may fix itself.” The unemployment rate would have likely doubled to 16-18% according to experts and America as we know it would have been in deep shit. Hence why BUSH not Obama asked for the initial 700 Billion dollar bailout package (see here: Bush ask for Bailout – MSNBC) which we allowed the GOP establishment slowly yet surely pin the tail of this massive bank bailout plan on Barack Obama and being the great spin-doctors they are they made the bailout Barack Obama’s baby, and criticized him every step of the way, thus thoroughly brainwashing those who are casually into politics. Yes Obama put together a stimulus package that was mostly tax cuts and plans for infrastructure, however because everyone (as in the public) forgot what was in which package the entirety of both packages belong to Obama. Don’t be misinformed because you’re to lazy to inform yourselves.

Initially, Barack put forth ideas everyone was for. Take the healthcare plan for example: Mitt Romney enacted the forefather of Barack’s plan in Massachusetts. Now? Oh yeah, now to many Republicans the healthcare plan is “unconstitutional”. They railed against many parts of the healthcare plan that our people was for and stripped it of key parts that would have made it less expensive and more fundamentally sound than it currently is because of “spending”. Republicans rallied “their” people, with the backing of big business and the healthcare lobbyist and pretty much got to strip almost everything that would have made the healthcare plan which they dub “Obamacare”, great. What did we do? We sat back and watched “Basketball wives”. The Tea Party rose up, had marches on Washington. Summits, meetings, gatherings, they planned, organized and strategized from the inception of Barack Obama’s presidency, ways to get him out. We have black leaders who consistently complain about how “disenfranchised” we are as a people from mainstream America, yet we do it to ourselves. When you have every major media outlet “televising” the “revolution” how can you then sit back and complain as if you did not see it coming? That there is the issue; The Modern Day Nigger will sit back, watch tragedy on the horizon but maybe have an air of arrogance in regards to with thoughts of “If I say something, it won’t matter anyway.” YES it will. The same way ONE person at a time sit back and decide not to do, ONE PERSON AT A TIME can stand up for what they believe in! Are we to wait until things are drastically dire for our people? At what point is enough, enough? Is it not “cool” to stand out and speak out for what you believe in? According to who? The same people who say if you see a man snatch a purse or shoot a old lady by “accident” not to snitch? Oh those people? I really want to know what is the thought process behind those who refuse to have an opinion either way on political issues that directly effect them? The President cannot do what you want him to do if you do not elect the right congressman that represent your district and your needs? How are there Republican congressmen representing democratic districts while pushing the propaganda of their party instead of that of “their people”? Be accountable for you, lets buck this trend of not caring. We have to care. Our unemployment rate is the highest, social issues like abortion, medical treatment, social security etc directly effect us. Why sit back and allow whatever is going to happen just happen? Not many black people are born into affluent communities with great families. People in general aren’t. Social Security mean something to us because we work all our life and expect SOMETHING to be there when we turn 70. Think about your future.

Fiscal Lifestyle
When the financial crisis first happened and the DOW was in the 6k range and the Nasdaq & S&P was reeling, I tweeted something along the lines of “If you have it, invest it. The market will bounce back and lets not miss this opportunity, because THEY wont.” Now, I’m no Nostradamus, infact my first foray into investments were with my girlfriend at the time, Jody. She got me a Job at the insurance company AETNA, at the time their stock was around $17-18 a share. They were going through executive restructuring and had their own little corporate greed issues around 2001 approximately (people resigning from positions taking enormous severance packages etc.) My ex told me “Now is a good time to invest in the company. Its a healthcare stock, start your 401k. It will bounce back. You may do better than me because you’re getting it at a discount.” I took heed, starting my 401k and taking some outside money I had saved up, walked into an investment firm and purchased more shares. My thought process, while risky and slightly foolish at the time was “Treat stocks like I would the streets” I SUGGEST NONE OF YOU DO SUCH A THING. However, it worked I bought a great amount of shares and Aetna stock at a certain point hit $100 a share. Now just think, 82 dollar profit, a GREAT amount of shares. I became hooked. I called the investment firm, diversified my portfolio and officially started my ‘retire at 40’ plan. We’re not all lucky, because like I said, I’m no genius, however if I didn’t take RESPONSIBLE calculated risk. I would never had the chance to get “lucky”. In order for “luck” or God’s will to happen, you need to put yourself in position to receive/gain it.

I often see The Modern Day Nigger more excited about the next shoe release, than a business going public or much less other investments that are more beneficial than a shoe. The Modern Day Nigger will have 300 pairs of shoes but not 300 shares of anything. This type of financial lack of discipline is part of the plight of our people. We rather take pride in physical wares, something that others can see, envy, steal, rob and even kill us for as oppose to something that can solidify our future or much more, our children future. Gold wasn’t expensive and I tweeted about investing in gold as well as foreign currency trading, I got very little interest in those topics on twitter, but whenever I go on one of my ignorant rants OUR people are much more entertained. I’m not here to say you’re wrong, what I’m expressing is balance. You don’t have to do what I do, but my point to all of this is aspire to be more. At some point we have to realize all the tools to succeed is in the world and it may not be as easy for us attain the tools but with a little bit of hustle and drive they can be obtained. No more excuses about the messed up economy or what the government isn’t doing for us, when we make it just as hard on ourselves with fiscally irresponsible decisions. You can find a person at All Star Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend in Miami, Vegas for a Mayweather fight, Zo’s Summer Groove in Miami, 4th of July somewhere, Labor Day Weekend another place and BET Hip Hop awards weekend in ATL & New Years Eve in another city, yet will tweet how “Times are hard”. Really? I can’t tell. Who knew?

Once upon a time, black people were a prideful people. The end. Beautiful short story wasn’t it? Let’s be serious for a moment. Again, I won’t say most or all, yet many people pursue things for all the wrong reasons. This thought process is the epitome of a Nigger. We have women “Eye Candy” modeling and haven’t made half the money a full time employee at McDonald’s makes in a year. They are satisfied with the pay scale being “Attention” & “A Baller might see me and spend money on me” so they get a pervert with a camera who wants to see them naked or damn near naked anyway to do a free or discounted shoot. Now we have a mass amount of half naked/naked black women strewn across social media and they aren’t making a dime from it. You could offer these women a union and they would decline because asking for money for “work” they do would put a cramp in potential places they could be to land that baller they’re looking for. At the same time we have athletes, rappers, and regular guys who make money in numerous different ways with no financial discipline escalating the bullshit by paying for attention. Social networks are one big brothel, we women display themselves half naked or mostly naked waiting for a buyer. We can’t have our next generation wanting to be models who make no money but are the most over exploited entity in “visual aid”. Not only have some of us lost all accountability for ourselves, we’ve lost the spirit to pave the way for our future generations. Make it cool for kids to want to be doctors and lawyers, psychologist, chemist, financial advisers etc etc. While our economy was lagging there was a reportedly 3 Million high end jobs available that couldn’t be filled because candidates were not skilled enough. America is built off of capitalism, and our people are natural hustlers. Equip our kids with the tools that is necessary to be successful. We are living in a trying time as it is, it’s only right we prepare our next generation for what may come.

They family dynamic of Black America has to change. Many of the aforementioned issues lie within the neglect some went through as children. There was never proper development or proper nurturing of such individuals. Hence why we as a people should start now in trying to regress the horrible trend that has been our reality for years. Sex is an amazing thing. By all means have tons of it, but be safe and responsible in the process. Not only does our culture have to deal with a unfair AIDS rate but we have black men who are not only cheating their women but their kids as well by not being responsible to begin with and having children that we don’t have plans on being with. We have young black men growing up without a loyal bone in their body because they don’t have examples of strong black men in their lives as an example. I personally was raised by my grandma, in a North Philadelphia house with 4-5 other siblings. Both of my parents got caught up in the street life and at one time I did too, but with proper nurturing, my morals and intellect superseded any temporary joy or false dream the streets could have given me. Place THAT bug in your children. Where’s its not cool to be stupid, not cool to fit in, not cool to go along to get along. Want and desire more. Aspire to be great.

Ladies, teach your daughters the meaning of loyalty. Be loyal and love one man and if it doesn’t work out take time to make proper decisions for your next partner. Kids may not understand then but as we know, when you get older you understand and respect decisions your parents made while you were an adolescent. Teach your daughters what it means to be a woman, the traditional and evolutionary ways. Yes she can get a job and support herself but at the same time it wouldn’t hurt for her to know how to cook for herself as well. Teach her about abstinence and the value of her body so that no man no matter how much makes or have, her dignity isn’t for sale. We have to love ourselves before anyone else can. Teach our young women what it mean to be mothers and women. Women are the nurturers of our culture and civilization. We cannot have one of the most powerful images in this world, the black woman reduced to nothing more than a oiled up pair of ass cheeks on twitter or a “used to be engaged to” chick on VH1 with fake claims to fame and overpriced wares that someone else paid for.

At the end of all of this… If this only helps one person, I’ll be happy. THIS WASN’T TO CALL ALL BLACK PEOPLE NIGGERS, because we are not. Yet as we all know, outside of our culture 1 bad apple spoils the bunch. We will never be completely perfect, however let us start to do better so we can feel better. We are already in the negative as far as public view with some people. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care and dig a deeper hole with the bullshit.

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  1. don’t kill the link bro, I plan on reading this tomorrow on my day off. My attention span not built for it now

  2. Gavee says:

    Insightful post! Too bad a lot will be like TL;DR but it will be their loss.

  3. Attorney2be says:

    This is a great post. If anyone is mad about this then you did your job because that’s means you struck a nerve. I need to look into buying stock. Any pointers?

  4. Sutona Scott says:

    Thank you!

  5. Eve says:

    This was a great read! Much respect. We’ve got to uplift our people, and lead in many ways, but especially by example.

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