SoPhi: The Sophisticated Ignorance Weekend (May 4-6) Update

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The crib is DOPE. 3400 Square feet of greatness. There will be a Day Party/ BBQ/ Splash party that Saturday on the 5th. Floyd Mayweather may be fighting that night so there will be a fight party as well before we head to Dream that night. Shoutout to @DJGoldenBoy. The Bar will be stocked, I may get a Hookah for you fiends (LOL). Everything needed to have a good time, will be available. This will be a limited thing. So there will be tickets for it as the time nears. Likely tickets for Dream as well that night too. Either way, stay tuned as more things are revealed.

Below are a few pics of the spot we’re renting for the whole weekend (we sleep there, yall come party.. Meaning don’t fuck it up)


Backyard part 1

Backyard part 2

Backyard part 3

Living Room

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