SoPhi: “Don’t Make Me F*ck You Up” By @LaCoolMcCool

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“Excuse Me Ma’am,That Box Is Mine?”

Ok, cool…But check this:

We’ve been kicking it for a little bit. You’ve gotten the box & we “go together”. Our friends know about our happiness and all is beautiful. However, any good woman doesn’t do “good woman” things without some type of stipulation or boundary. Let’s run by an example,shall we?

We are at the stoplight waiting for it to turn green. A woman in the car next to us proceeds to seductively give you the eye knowing I’m sitting right next to you…and watching. You are automatically fucked here if you look at her longer than it took for you to turn your head and acknowledge the thirst. I wanna check you,but preserve my “good woman” image in the process, so I merely spit out 6 small words to get my point across:

“Dont Make Me Fuck You Up!”

Some people throw a “N*gga/Bro/Babe/etc” or even a laugh or chuckle behind it to soften the delivery, but the message is the same. This simple phrase comes from a myriad of triggers,that include, but are not limited to:
a)Past offenders of the “Dont Take Advantage of a Good Woman’s Love” Rule
b)An overwhelming feeling of “Look, I put some serious effort into your ass. Dont fuck this up over something stupid”.

The general thought of the phrase is “I’m trying to have you for as long as I can if things continue to go right, and if anyone is gonna end it early, so be it. Just dont force my hand!”

Every Alpha female has a “What’s mine is mine” mentality, just like Alpha males. For you guys, it may be the offering and subsequent demolition of a woman’s box that makes it “yours”… And in your mind, any man that tries to put his 2nd place/extra regular ass hands on them, it’s a wrap. For THEM. So lets be clear on some of the things that warrant you getting “Fucked Up”:

1)If I’ve blessed you with good food…you can’t eat another woman’s food that you are not related to. I make sure you are regularly fed and maintaining weight with full meals, so…Nah,Bro. That shit is non-negotiable. If she’s your homegirl, that’s cool…and she can cook for any man she wants…but not mine. Thank you in advance.

2)If I’ve spent money on something for you. It’s hard to get a woman to cash out…on ANYTHING unless A)She’s paid, or B)She’s hella easy to con shit out of. Dont make me have the thought of wanting to take your shit back or even worse, destroy it.

Even good women have breaking points. I’m sure many of saw a pair of Burning Concords and other destroyed clothing get TwitPic’d because someone crossed those boundaries.

3) Infidelity/BLATANT Disrespect.This includes giving what’s mine away, or even giving the impression that it’s attainable, whether your penis/heart/etc. Yea yea I know what ya’ll are going to say its in/attached to you…but it still “belongs” to the woman you love. No woman with some sense is renting/leasing/whatever with their box, let alone with someone they care about unless they intend to have a piece of you as well. Love, or exploring the possibilities of love, does not come without reciprocity. So sure,the last thing I’D want to do is restrict a man from his freedom/friends/social life/etc, but the last thing HE’D want to do is to have me looking stupid in these streets because he abused said Freedom. If we’re a unit, and I find out something that’s going on in MY unit, from someone OUTSIDE the unit? That’s automatic “*sigh*. No exceptions!

If I hold you down with every fiber of my being, you better do the same! And if you dont wanna give? Go find a box that has no trouble getting up and leaving or sleeping alone after you get dressed and head out. I may be hurt, but I’ll definitely move forward.

4)A woman doing anything special (non-culinary) that I do as a girlfriend. For instance, my man and I were having a discussion about shit that’s “sacred”, right? And I rub my man’s head every night until he dozes off to sleep.I do that on the strength of my love for him, besides, what man doesnt love a head rub? To show him that that’s MY thing to do as Alpha Female, I merely threw out a “…And If i caught another chick rubbing your head, you’d know I’d break her fingers,right?” He looked at me and chuckled, and I laughed with and said:
“As a matter of fact,I’d fuck the BOTH of yall up.” 🙂 LOL

So,ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. The threat of catching a fade/”fuck up” only comes as a warning/precaution so that you can think twice to make sure your woman keeps making those meals, offering the box, keeping you laced from time to time, and rubbing your head at night.

Ya’ll can make your generalizations but at the end of the day, women are either viewed as being a thorn in a man’s side,or as a man’s peace. Just saying, wouldnt you rather keep her as your peace and source of comfort from a cold,cruel world? 🙂


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  1. Vette says:

    Amen! Except #2’s *Sidebar* Those material things didn’t do anything to me so they can live.

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