SoPhi: These Pillow Talkin’ ass N*ggas… [Random Rant]

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For months, you plot on some pussy. You lay all the ground work: Flirting, being funny, slide her a dick pic or two and she gives in. Bingo. YOU MADE IT TO THE MUTHAFUCKING BIG TIME! She comes over to visit or she comes to visit from another state. You have the much anticipated pussy smack dab in your face, in your presence.. and what do you you do? “So that nigga such n such…” NIGGA! What?! So this bitch press and primped her hair and potpourri’d her pussy only for you to bring up the next nigga?! *Checks Calendar* Yeah this is 20 cot damn 12. Not ’92. Fuck you bringing up the next man for? You must like men or sum’n…

Street code for you dickheads who got chased home and didn’t get to be outside long enough to catch wind of what its like to be a “Real dude” because you corny niggas WILL not sit up here and fake this shit on my watch no longer. First, if a nigga aint in the room, don’t bring that nigga up unless he’s an enemy and you plotting an attack. Second, don’t fake dap a nigga and when you hear some bullshit, spread it even further w/o addressing it with said nigga. Thats faggot shit. AND NEVER, EVER, bring up another man in any sexual manner to a person with pussy lips. MEANING ANY FEMALE. Who fathered you clowns? You idiots been lurking in DM’s, phone calls, skype sessions really talking about other men. Street niggas don’t do that. The reason why I say that is because if you talk about a nigga you gotta think about the fact you might get slapped in the mouth. Don’t let females gas you into thinking another man is sweet. What’s nice to her, might be a killer to you.

Get ya life in order.

Will Slapanigga

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