Music: @KirbyMaurier ‘Class of ’96’ EP and Interview by @PhillyTheBoss

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Kirby Maurier is nice lil song bird I stumbled across via networking. If you know me, you know it takes a lot to get me to listen to an artists music. However, Vince (of Valholla) whose judgment I trust asked me to check out her music and I caught myself diggin’ her sound. Recently she dropped the ‘Class of ’96’ EP and I found myself thoroughly impressed. It definitely takes me back to that nostalgic R&B feel of ’96. I hope you guys enjoy the music and interview as much as I did. Check it out below… – Philly.

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Hi, Kirby :). Ok, now that the flirting is out of the way. Where or when did you gain your passion for singing?
I gained my passion for singing over the years however, when I was younger, I would listen to artists like Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blidge and try to mimic them on the radio. Before I knew it, family and friends began telling me that I could sing. So knowing that, I stopped mimicking artists on the radio and began to find my own voice. It was then my mission to perfect it, which is when my passion for singing blossomed.

Where are you from and what’s your background? I know 90% of us are not originally from Miami.
I was born in the small town of Osceola, Arkansas (about 40 mins away from Memphis, Tenn.) My background is a mixture of African American, Choctaw Indian, and Caucasian. I moved to Miami at the age of nine.

Nice mix, How would you define your musical style?
I have a hard time defining my style because I just do what I feel therefore, the type of music I create really depends on my mood. I think the difference between my music and other current R&B artists is that my music comes from a real place. I write songs based on prior experiences so it adds that personal touch to my music.

What do you think of the Miami music scene/industry?
The music scene in Miami is still developing however I know it wont be anywhere close to Atlanta for a while. Some Miami artists and music execs have a “crab in the bucket” mentality. They feel as if they have to push others down to make it to the top. I have faith that one day Miami artists will get the big picture by placing their focus on making good music and respecting one another.

If it were possible, who are 5 big time artists you would love to work with?
1.Rick Ross
2.Chris Brown
3.Mos Def
4. Damian Marley
5. Bun B

You currently have a project out, “Class of ’96” an EP that I enjoy. What was it that inspired this project?
Thank you, so happy you like it! “Class of ’96” came about as I was reminiscing about the days when music was a bit more moving. For me, it was around 96’ when Hip Hop and R&B was at its peak. Most of the songs that I considered classics were released around that time as well so, I decided to reach back into that time and bring it to the present for a bit of fun nostalgia. Subsequently, creating this project made me fall in love with music all over again.

Will there be any visuals for the project and if so can I be your boy toy in any of the vids? (HA!)
Boy toy? Lol… Yes, we do plan to release a video as early as next month. Can’t wait!

Had to ask, anyway what’s been your greatest accomplishment or most memorable moment in music so far?
Although I’ve been awarded Best Female R&B artist of Miami for the past two years, I believe my greatest accomplishment has been the fact that I was able to write and release a project that I am very proud of.

I recall seeing something in regards to you and Fashion Week in Miami, is that a passion of yours also?
Yes, Fashion week was amazing! I think it’s safe to say that all girls like fashion however; I’m in no way obsessed with it. I’m actually a bit of a tomboy and I’d rather wear sweat pants everyday

On behalf of Sophisticated Ignorance, I would like to thank you for your time and participation Kirby, Good luck with your future endeavors. Is there anything you would like to leave the readers and fans with?

Thank you! Readers can visit for upcoming events and performances or follow me on twitter (@kirbymaurier) and K.I.T.

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