Food: The infamous “Red Velvet Pancakes” @GreenEggsCafe in Philly [Review]

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Red Velvet Pancakes
I’ve long heard about Green Eggs Cafe & their “Red Velvet Pancakes“, for the record I’m a Philly native that currently live in Miami & Santa Monica, therefore I couldn’t make it here until recently. Green Eggs is in the ‘Northern Liberties’ section of North Philly. Which, if it wasn’t so publicized it would be the perfect location. However, there is no parking so you spend a while looking for a spot.

Upon entering, there was an amazing wait. People outside, people inside lined up on the wall, just many people. I decided to wait, why not? It was my last day in Philly and I wanted a memorable meal. The interior of the restaurant is cool, reminds me of something that would definitely fit in on South Beach and maybe even Santa Monica. During my wait, I walked to the front and ordered the Mint Hot Chocolate. First and foremost I was with someone who ordered the Mint Hot Chocolate before me, I just said “Let me get the same thing she has”. I received my beverage and to my surprise our Hot Chocolates were different prices, I don’t cry over change not even a dollar. I just found that WEIRD as hell. Maybe there’s a surcharge for being a male and ordering a hot chocolate, whatever. The hot chocolate would have been awesome if it had 5 lbs less sugar in it. I finish my hot chocolate and as I look around, people whom entered the establishment after us were being seated prior to us. I’m clueless to the reason and I refuse to try to understand it. After our what should have supposedly been a 25 minute wait pushed close to an hour, we were finally seated. I was prepared to order a few things, but thank god my conscience said “Nah, relax Mr Food critic, today isn’t the day.” so I stuck with just the “Red Velvet Pancakes“.

The stack of pancakes above is my actual plate. Nice right? Yeah, the damn thing is enormous. For those who have yet to figure it out “Red Velvet” is nothing but chocolate. Anyway, after the initial “Who the hell is supposed to eat all of this shit?” passes through my mind, I dive right in. The strawberry mascarpone & Chantilly cream are definitely a great touch and the pancakes are solid in taste as well as moist. The chocolate chip morsels throughout were pretty good as well. It was truly a nice merger between a buttermilk pancake and red velvet cake. My issue which may not be for others was, the portion size. For starters, I asked the lady has she ever seen 1 person consume that order of pancakes. She, as I assumed said “No”, however; “I’ve seen 2 people do some good work to it but still, not even then.” The pancakes were a mere $10 so not a big deal, however I ate 1/8th of my order. Which leads to my point of: portion control. These guys need to learn it. Not only does the food come in ridiculous Paul Bunyan like sizes, but its pointless to take it to go as a doggie bag because who the hell wants a re-heated pancake? Even the Turkey bacon I received to go along with my meal was enormous but it was delicious.

Will I ever attend Green Eggs again? Probably not, maybe if I’m in town and if they have overnight hours and I can grab a bite after the club. It would make a great “post” club meal. Otherwise, no thanks. A Good meal to have once. The wait nor service makes the meal worth being inconvenienced for. If somehow you can call and order it to go, do so. Otherwise its popularity is what hurts it. Service is blah because they’re popular, the wait sucks because they are popular. There is definitely an air of arrogance amongst the staff which cannot exist in a customer service setting. No excuse for that instant diabetes hot chocolate. The pancakes get a B- grade. My suggestion: Attend at your own discretion.

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