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Life is good. For some reason this week has been the longest week in awhile. It got real this week during training though. Working with these NFL cats, things have been taken to a new level. I basically spent this whole week with a sore body but its all good. Received some news of increased interest with a couple teams which was good. Those are the type of things I try to think about as im laid out on the field or the track after having my ass kicked from a speed endurance workout. Houston is nice city though, atleast what I have seen of it so far. This past weekend went down to UH to spend some adventure time with one of my best friends who transferred here and it was interesting to say the least. Met Michael Hayes a running back from University of Houston also on his path to the draft. He was a super star at this Frontier Fiesta carnival deal we went to, I hopped into all those pictures (no shame in my game). This week will be an interesting one though starting my massages and hot yoga and continuing my search for beautiful souls. Oh and I found a barber for my time here which is so crucial if yall understand the gravity of clean cut and my mans had me fresh. I think I’m going to hit the movies today and catch this Jump Street, idk what all this hunger games talk is about. Welp we have another week of great work, lets be productive this week people. Don’t forget to smile. #DRo_OID out….


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