“GONE IN 60 SECONDS” How To Beat The BodyGuard To The Punch…. by @MrMikeJay

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There I was taking light swigs of my chilled glass of Patron, in a roped off section of the club. I stood there trying to configure on how I was going to be able to locate the “bodyguard” in the pack of women I was lusting for. How was I going to be able to land the prize I was after? I figured I just go in for the kill. A few confident steps in their direction. I leaned over close to her ear to spill a few questions and ideas on what could be and what should make the night more enjoyable. She giggled, smirked and put her hand on my arm (Score).  Everything was moving so smooth, the laughs were abundant, my hand was on the small of her back. She was glowing and I had the Bruce Leroy  glow ray. The smiles being tossed my way whispered “my panties off, your place” soon if not tonight.

My confidence over boiled into slight cockiness briefly… Briefly is too long for trying to get in the pack of women in a club though. Like the long arm of the law her friend swiftly intervened with the I gotta use the ladies room, do you mind if I steal her away from you? Thanks.” Well motherf*ck me and all the chemistry I just built. They all scurried away and I couldn’t regain the same momentum because the bodyguard felt left out. Touche you bitter savage you… Touche… She played her role and caught me with my pants down. Understand this, women act like mothers, sisters and sometimes jealous partners when the attention of their company has shifted drastically.

That was the night I learned the idea of “Gone in 60 seconds“.  You have to locate the bodyguard before you approach. Make the prize smile if not laugh under 15 seconds. Compliment the security in the next 15 seconds, introduce yourself and steal the prize away in the next 30 seconds. Gone in 60 my man. Sounds easy, but it’s difficult when every tender smiling is a potential blocker. Read her body language like a short novel. Pay attention to the one who’s on her phone. She’s growing tired of the situation. At any given moment, she’s gonna step directly on your toes.

Women that travel in threes and fours usually operate in the club with unspoken assignments. Take a good look at the picture gracing your eyes above… One if not two of these women are “bodyguards“. The subtle tells through body language could make or break your approach you’re about to leap in the fire with…

Who would I be if I didn’t give you a few tactics to give yourself a fighting chance. Rule number one. If you’re lucky enough to spot the bodyguard from afar make sure you introduce yourself to her first. We sometimes call it the illusion. She’s happy you even noticed her and decided to speak. Throws her off balance at times. Keep it short but polite. Make sure your wingman is running enough interference with the others that you’re able to steal the one you really want away. Understand eye contact is gonna make or break you in this plight. Every time you ask or make a comment make sure you drill it home with eye contact. Some women eye f*ck you and some women search your integrity through your eyes. Either way give her a chance to do one if not both right off the bat.

By now you’re working on a cool 15 seconds. You’re basically in the danger zone or cruising into the next phase. Which would be separating her from her friends. Trust your wingman to do the juggling act long enough for you two to escape to the bar. The bar is your best friend. Good lighting and easier to hear and converse.  You make it this far and it’s all muscle memory my man. Your ball, your court. More laughs, more subtle touching and more eye contact than a little bit.

Do remember your wingman is juggling his life away. Don’t leave him in the trenches too long. You’re as solid as your friends in the eyes of a lady. So know that the bodyguard is making her way over to the bar to snatch your prime tender up promptly. Push the conversation into future endeavors as quick as possible. Plans for more fun later never made anyone frown. Thats right…. Get her math. But get those digits before you escort her back over to the wolf pack. Forsake the fool who thinks he has a better chance grabbing those 10 numbers in front of her mildly entertained friends.

By now you should of pulled off the “Gone In 60 Seconds” move. Time is money and these women look at their time as just that in the club. Make sure your wingman is a solid one. Trying to pull this feat off by yourself or with a flunky sidekick is a kamikaze type of mission.  Make sure you don’t approach these women while they’re having a ladies moment on the dance floor. Intertwine yourself in their circle when they look uninterested in the DJ’s selection of music play. Be the entertainment, not the clown.

I leave you with these few last words…. The bodyguard sees you. Knows what you want and knows just how hinder your plight. Put her on her heels before she does it to you. Till next time my friends….

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