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So you fell for The Single Boyfriend routine for the LAST TIME and you’ve finally come to realize that niggas ain’t shit. Every guy you’ve ever given your heart to has blown it one way or another and you vow to never let another man take advantage of you ever again. Great!!!! Now what?

Most Hoes Start With A Broken Heart

All women recover from heartbreak differently. Most women jump from one failed relationship right into the next as soon as possible because they’re incapable of or don’t know how to be alone. Some women enjoy the “single life” and embrace it as an opportunity to explore the field and get their “legal” hoe on, while others despise the loneliness and long for a man to come along and rescue them. Some women take time to reflect on the relationship and assess themselves to see what they could’ve done better and how they can grow and learn from the experience, while others can’t seem to let go and hold on to hope that eventually things will go back to the way they once were. Mostly all women take failed relationships personal to some extent and in many cases may even grow to resent men after the pattern of heartbreak becomes apparent. The problem is as a woman, what do you do when you realize that men ain’t shit? Plenty of women have “gone gay” in hopes of finding true love with the same sex but for the one’s that don’t consider that an option what’s left? Statistics show that many of today’s women are “losing hope and choosing HOE.” That’s the phenomenon that occurs when a woman feels powerless in her dealings with men and attempts to regain “control” using the leverage she has at her disposal. Her sexuality. You see many women get hurt time after time and decide to finally say fuck it and “play the game like a man.” Whether you’re just having “meaningless” sex with multiple men because you WANT to or trying to use and play men the way they “played you”, in the end the main problem with that logic is You’re NOT A MAN.

“A woman can’t do the same things a man does and EXPECT to still be viewed as a woman.”

Now if you read The Single Boyfriend then you remember Keisha. Keisha was perfect. Unfortunately the emphasis no longer resides on the word perfect. The Keisha I met and assumed the role of Single Boyfriend for currently no longer exists. Apparently that Keisha had her heart broken one too many times and has since activated a defense mechanism that women develop through years of hurt and disappointment . She literally has become a new breed of bitch that displays none of the qualities or characteristics that I remember and admired her for. She no longer has any interest in settling down or even having children. Keisha now views men as objects and is simply out to get them for all she can. I’m honestly kind of proud of her in my own ain’t shit kinda way but at the same time it hurts me to see the transition she felt forced to make. Kiesha truly is a Good Girl Gone Bad. A woman that hurts others before they can hurt her. Years of damage have in turn left her damaged. Defensive. Distant. Just plain out cold and heartless. Keisha followed that old saying that goes “If you can’t beat em join em” as many women today are erroneously doing. Now you can say it was my fault that I pushed her over the edge and made her finally say “fuck it” and you might be right, but that’s not the lesson to be learned here. Pay attention cause I’ve already talked too much so I’m gonna try and make this quick.

The first lesson in my upcoming book AHoebics : 101 deals with “The Definition of a Hoe.” In the book I make the distinction between “Hoe Activity” and “Hoe Mentality.” In short every woman naturally has the capacity or rather the capability to become a hoe. Having a one night stand is considered Hoe Activity. Thinking its ok to have a one night stand because “its your body and you’re free to do whatever you please” is considered Hoe Mentality. The thing is there are different Levels of Hoeism. That’s why every woman’s definition of a hoe is all the extreme stuff they aren’t willing to do themselves. Women say things like “I ain’t no hoe you act like I be fuckin a different nigga every night” but the same “woman” slept with two different men in the same week just two days apart. You might not fuck for dinner off the dollar menu but you fucked the nigga that took you to Smith & Wollensky’s tho right? Every woman has participated in Hoe Activity at some point in their life. You’ve all either fucked a nigga you barely knew, slept with your boyfriends friend or ya homegirls ex, sucked a dick in the back of the movie theater, had two sexual partners in a 48 hour period (shit a month lol), gave head to avoid fucking, went to the club dressed up with your ass out, “dated” multiple men at the same time (without their knowledge), “experimented” with another woman (whether you was eatin or treatin), fucked in a hotel while your friend was gettin fucked on the other bed,or in a car in the parking lot in front of a niggas mama’s house, or at a party in college, or in the bathroom at a club, or talked to a guy cause you “heard he got money”, or had sex to pay a bill, or just cause you knew he would get your hair done after, or befriend a girl just to get close to her man, or had multiple abortions,have a baby daddy, fucked a nigga you met online on facebook, order hot wings everywhere you go or one of the millions of other things that hoes do. Don’t debate me cause I can keep going. The fact is that every woman is guilty of Hoe Activity but only true HOES develop a Hoe Mentality. It’s all about how you do what you do. Your actions can only define you if YOU don’t first define yourself. With all that said its easier to be a hoe than it is to be a woman. See women got it in there heads one day that they were all special just because and since men are taking the “easy way out” that they were entitled to do the same. WRONG. If being a “woman” was so simple then there wouldn’t really be anything special about them would there? This new generation of renegade ass hoes that have realized that they don’t HAVE to lose neglect to understand that by giving up they can never truly win. “These Hoes ain’t winning they just got less to lose.” Think about it. Don’t shift the blame to the men for dogging you out to make you turn out this way. You allowed them into your life and allowed for it to happen. Take some accountability and stop playing the fucking victim. If you Expect more you will regret less. In the end while Keisha is getting her hoe on Haz isn’t being affected in the least bit. She will continue to decrease in value which so happened to serve as the inspiration I used to increase mines. In other words you can’t beat us at “our own game.” The smart thing to do is learn from the situation and grow to be a better person. Success is the best revenge. Cause in the end while you out here “pimpin niggas” the one responsible for your pain is somewhere chilling like

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