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Life is good. Another good week, another thunderstorm, and another broken heart. I apologize I just lied to you guys, no hearts were broken this week. Spending so much time alone during all of this has given me nothing but time to analyze and learn more about me and the way I am able to motivate myself. It’s easy to work hard when it’s fresh, new, and exciting but are you the type of person that can remain consistently productive when you don’t have someone there motivating you? When you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and lay there pressing the snooze button for an hour straight? What is it that keeps you getting up everyday taking advantage of the opportunity to get better and make strides in whatever it is you do? Just some food for your thinking. I have learned that once you can find the motivation within yourself life is so much easier. Until you meet Sakina. Sakina might make you second guess if what you’re doing is really what you want to do. Ell Oh Ell.

Who is Sakina you ask? Sakina is my massage therapist. Sakina is a 5 foot nothing twenty something year old Indian woman that almost made me want to cry. Yea I know what youre thinking “Wait Jaymar I thought massages where supposed to be pleasant and feel good. Nothing but roses and bubbles…” Yea people that’s what I thought too. The goal of these massages is to correct my ” kinetic chain ” for right posture to maximize the use of all my muscles so that that I generate as much power as possible. She referred to it as “surgery without the knife”. Sakina pointed out in all the areas that were not in alignment and got to work. Digging knuckles in my muscles, elbows in my legs, my back and chest is sweating, trying not to move I’m grabbing my head. Yea that rhyme was intended. It was an interesting scene walking in with soft red lights everywhere with trapeze type swing, not going to lie it looked like a set of porn scene or something but when I was on the table I swear I thought I was in some creepy torture chamber. She pulled out some wooden tool, it was like a dagger with a tip sort of like a spinning top to work on the side of my thighs. Now when I tell you this was the worst ten minutes of my life, I literally considered drop kicking Sakina and if all this was worth it, then I stopped feeling sorry for myself and got it done. That’s how deep she got in my muscles. The creepy thing about all this pain is that when I was done you literally see in the mirror how things already began to shift from the way I stood to the way I felt when I walked and after training you could see it in the way I ran so the bruises I had all down my thighs the next day were worth it. Yea i know and that was just one session. Oh well have to start somewhere. Then ‘The Call’.

Received a call for a workout so Oakland can get a better look at me. So next week I will be headed to the Bay Area for a couple of days to get this work in and hopefully increase my stock. It’s been an exciting process so far and we just want to keep it going and let it fall as it may. You can’t fight the universe so I dont try. You shouldn’t either. Until next time you silly humans. #DRo_OID out…

Don’t forget to smile people….

– @SimplyJaymar

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