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Today we take an inside look in a interview forum, that’s  about @PhillyTheBoss and the women he’s dated and friends of his. These four women all differ in characteristics, but all share one thing in common…. That’s right. @PhillyTheBoss.

Before I sit the ladies down and embark on these questions that expose their feelings about Philly. Please do understand that there’s a female walking this earth that has Philly’s name tatted on her. And for all we know because her  identity is still protected, she very well could be one of these ladies……. 

Let’s move on to the interview and the women who were willing enough to answer these questions about @PhillyTheBoss. Today we have with us @ArielleBelle@SweetMitEdition@MissKateBrown and last but not least @ImYoLoveJones. Good afternoon ladies. Lets get right into it, shall we?

1) What do you love the most about Philly?

Arielle: The way his mind works. I feel as if I’m forever learning from him. Highly attractive.

MissKate: What I love about Philly the most is his logic about the world, the way he can communicate his point of view to the world.

SweetMit:  His voice…. (Crosses legs) He’s strong in his convictions/what he believes in.

LoveJones: I love Phillys drive. He’s highly motivated and that’s a turn on. (Sips wine) The way his mind thinks is incredible and the way he plays out those thoughts are genius. He has done many great things, and I know there is more to come.

2) What do you love the least about Philly?

Arielle: Every last one of his twitter bitches. Not excluding any chick who flirts with him, winks, heyboo or “Check ya DM” him as well.

(Unsettling silence falls over the room) 

MissKate: He feels that his way is the best way no matter how you present the idea to him. His favorite line is “whatever, like I said” I can’t stand when he says that!

SweetMit: Actually sleeping next to him is difficult at best. The noise level of his snoring is comparable to a jet noise or a space shuttle taking flight. Its like having a college band playing in your bedroom. He drowns out the tv…it’s so loud. I contemplated putting a pillow over his face and smothering him.

LoveJones: Love the least…he is an over the top flirt. Enough said.

So what we’ve learned thus far about Philly is that he’s a innovative thinker, with a strong opinion who flirts “too much”. What I’ve assessed about the ladies so far is that might need security if any more sleep over references or “twitter bitches” fly out the gate. Lets proceed.

3) He’s known as a “cuffer”, do you feel that you belong to (as he put it) or is ‘his’ (if applicable)?

Arielle: Yes, he owns me. End of story. (Long gaze across the room at the other ladies)….

SweetMit: Cuff Daddy! LOL let Twitter tell it, he has a harem of women. He’s worth belonging to though 🙂

MissKate: He is definitely cuff daddy but I definitely don’t belong to him. I told him we can not talk ownership without discussing a down payment!

Excuse me Kate, but in down payment do you mean a promise ring??? Never mind we’ll come back to that. (Takes notes) 
LoveJones:  I think this question is hilarious. First and foremost, I wouldn’t say he was a “cuffer”, bitches just like to ACT like they’re being cuffed and they dont know better. The humor in this question is because I understand how it may look “on twitter” and trust me it’s never “just twitter” but at the same time I know this man. I’ve had long talks with him expressing my feelings to him and him doing the same all the while learning a lot. Everything Philly does makes sense to him. This included. So if you’d like to label him as that, I don’t mind. With the latter part of this question am I “his”, I’m gonna use a quote from Hollywood himself, ‘only on Monday thru Friday’. I kid, I kid…But wouldn’t you like to know…
4) Ladies enlighten us a little bit. Whats your overall opinion of his personality and character?
Arielle: (Short lusty moan)  I love it.  Someone like Philly is refreshing because he’s not worried about ‘looking cool’ for anyone and he always says what he means. No games. He always keeps his word and has good values, I love that about him. He’s an overall great person.
SweetMit: At the risk of sounding corny or cliche, he’s a stand up guy, he takes care of those he loves. He’s a pretty cool guy. I’d take him home to mama.
MissKate: His personality is actually sweet. He’s a teddy bear. He isn’t as hardcore as people think he is! He’s kind, gentle & very, very, ….. personable (slight giggle). He’s definitely trustworthy, and he’s a stand up guy. He’s the patriarch of his family and it shows.
LoveJones:  For those of you who haven’t seen the side I have…. (Eyebrow raise).  He’s a very likable person to many and lovable person to those of us who have gotten that close. He’s opinionated and stands his ground on ALL issues not just some, but that’s a good attribute to have if your on the road to being better than great. He holds very strong moral qualities that you would want in your man. I could make a list but we’d be here all day…

Well from what I’ve jotted down here, I can tell some of you have seen the same qualities and some of you have been a little deeper within the mind of Philly. But for the sake of me not having enough ringside security I digress. If I was just a random reader I’d be compelled to think that there’s still some emotions still circling the dating arena…. 

Arielle: At no point in time did we ask you… (Sips wine)

SweetMit: Lol….

MissKate: I don’t need a promise ring. I only invest in the real. Please proceed because I didn’t sign up for a character assessment sir.

(Clears throat) well alright… Final question then. 

5) From your experience with him, is he the provider type or he “just be bloggin'”?

Arielle: Definitely a provider.  He likes his woman to be taken care of, but not to be confused with tricking. And by provider I mean more than just money, he provides security, love, support, friendship… He strolls with that tool belt of necessities that a woman would need… Mmm…

SweetMit: Provider. SoPhi on him! I never asked for anything but trust when I say this… I’m sure if I did need anything he would’ve given it to me.

MissKate: You know I’m not the one for slight shade but I can’t really say. I honestly don’t think so, I think he might just be a blogger. I say this because we made several bets on football games, when I lost I paid up, but I’m yet 2 receive my debts. I just chalked it as a lost, and moved on as if he don’t owe me anything.

Kate are you still a little bothered by some things? My office is open after for other issues that still haunt you. (Passes business card)

LoveJones: Philly speaks from experience when he blogs, it’s not for show. If he’s writing it, there’s truth in the storyline.  Philly speaks about traditional ways, and being a provider for what’s “his” because he truly believes that and he won’t compromise his views on family. Being a provider, allowing a man to be a man, allowing a woman to be a woman, etc are all his real feelings on how relationships should be and how he feels they can be successful.

Well! I just wanna thank you ladies for participating in part 1 of “Expose @PhillyTheBoss” Stay tuned for part 2 and the questions that were answered and have yet to show face…. 



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