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From when we last had a sit down with the ladies there was tons of discussions and a few spats between me and one of the parties. Mainly @MissKateBrown . So with that we bring back the ladies for the 2nd and final segment of the “Expose Of @PhillyTheBoss“… Today we’re gonna focus on why these ladies might believe he’s a keeper and dig at some possible reasons why they’re even on the Sophi couch explaining and not in the confinements of Philly’s pad… A shorter segment but just as detailed….So lets get right back into. We have @IamYoLoveJones @ArielleBelle @SweetMitEdition and last but CERTAINLY not least @MissKateBrown ….

Welcome back ladies, I arranged to have a beautiful spread of hor’ dourves and wine so that maybe you could be a little bit more comfortable. Last pow wow we had I noticed a few things. All you were once involved with Philly on a different but yet share some of the same likes and fond memories. So let’s not hold back this session. We’re all here to just learn a little bit more… 

KateBrown: I just wanna get this off my chest right now. For whatever reason you seem to think you have me pegged. Well let me set you straight in your path. I’m worth every bit of attention any man is willing to give. And you calling me crazy via twitter was bogus. One little interview and you think you you’re Mr. Psychology.

(Clears throat, jots down notes) Kate please remain calm and try to stay in the setting of this interview process. I get paid to do this and I’m still a bit concerned about the way you handle things. Let us continue… 

You’re out and feel threatened or endangered by a male where you are. Philly is nowhere around, however you call him and express your discomfort. What is his actions/reaction?

Arielle: Whew… God his bravado is such a thrill! First thing coming outta his mouth is “fuck you doing there?” Then if possible he would be on the way to ‘handle something’ as he so often puts it. If he can’t come handle it, then he’d have people come in his place to make sure I’m secure.

Arielle do you find it thrilling when he gets aggressive, somewhat mad or bossy? 

Arielle: Leaves me daydreaming how much “aggression” he really does have…


SweetMit: “Why are/Were you there alone?” “Do you know the nigga? Who is he? Where/How can I find him? Who else was around?”, etc. To be followed by a threat on the mans life and him telling me to go home and let him know when I get there. I would also fully expect him to show up.

This mafioso wise guy trait Philly has… Does it lead to other things that stimulate you SweetMit? 

SweetMit: Ugh.. (slow forming smirk) There was this one time he got so angry and when we got back to his place he picked me up and…

Scuse me we don’t have the time and this isn’t the venue… Moving  right along. 

LoveJones: Philly doesn’t play. One the constants that I did enjoy (Twirls high heels slowly) As soon as I tell him what happened, he’ll make calls and no one wants Philly to make calls. I must say he’s big on family and protection. I see this first hand. For example His words, “you are in a city with a high crime rate, I want to make sure your safe” is what was said to me once while I was out of town. If your “his” he will hold you down.

MissKate: I’ve never experienced this situation but I presume his reaction would be who what where, ok hold on, I’m going to send xyz there right now. He is so protective to the point where he is over protective!!

Kate did you ever look at his over protectiveness as a gift. Almost like a safety guard. Real men don’t entertain the idea of their lady being harmed in any fashion. Try and open up with that later on with your new potential. 

MissKate: Why are you making this about me?? The hell with you Mike.

(Jots down more notes) 

What’s one thing people don’t know about him, that they might need to know when dealing with him?

Arielle: Listen to him when he says something and try not to make him repeat himself, he HATES that. His voice though… I like when he tells me things…. (giggle)

SweetMit: There is no gray area. It’s either yes or no. And he’s not as mean as he seems, especially when you touch that little spot by his…

Sweet! Stay focused! We are not here for the Zane Chronicles. Thank you. 

KateBrown: People don’t know but should know is that he is truly a regular guy. He knows about the best things in life, however he would much rather stay home.. And I’m an outgoing person. Not that I like to be trophied around town but I’m not to be shelved.

LoveJones: He’s a mommas boy! But not the bad, child-like, I only do what my momma says type. He’s more of the if my momma needs me I’m there, but I have a life too type. I don’t mind though, she is a lovely lady who loves her son just as much.

You think he saw some of his mother in you Ms. Love Jones? You know what that leads to right? 

LoveJones: Look I didn’t come here trying to get others jealous. I know what I know. We’re here to speak about Philly. (Long stare and leg cross).

(Multiple stares across the room at @ImYoLoveJones)

Well, a much shorter sit down.  A tad bit more revealing. Maybe the white wine is a truth serum. Or just an aphrodisiac for some of you. (Short glance at Arielle & SweetMit)…. Either way I just wanna thank you good women for showing up. And my therapy sessions are still on the table for Miss Kate Brown. I think I could help you… See my secretary on the way out. Thanks again ladies. 

KateBrown: Please. Just retract the statements you made and we’re good.




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