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Parents…. Most of you people are dumb as fuck. You foolishly decide to create life after life and rarely realize the responsibility that comes with it. You have children for all the wrong reasons and are barely equipped with the tools required to provide a healthy and positive life for yourself, let alone another growing human being. Congratulations…





Most women only want babies and the attention that comes with them. As soon as that new high wears off and the little one no longer NEEDS them they start to realize what they’re truly in for and usually seek comfort by having ANOTHER baby. The thing is the “baby” stage of life is one of the shortest phases in human development. Your “baby” will be a teenager causing chaos, needing intelligent conversation and guidance to stimulate and engage their developing brains for twice as many years as it will will need your nurturing and coddling. It seems like the only thing most of you care about is dressing your “lil man” up in Jordans and posting pictures on Facebook and The Gram all day for likes. Nobody really wants to see your dumb ass kids.




These days you have more and more hoes like Casey Anthony having children when they know they’re not ready for the role of motherhood and allowing their parents to take care of them while they continue to “live their life.” Now I’m all for a young girls parents helping take care of her mistake while she is working and in school to better provide for herself and her child in the future. That’s cool. What I’m talking about are these hoes that you wouldn’t even know had children unless they told you. The ones that somehow still have time to hang out just as much as they did before they had the baby. What that says to me is basically they have morals when it comes to having the baby once they become pregnant with it, but no morals when it came to preventing the unwanted and unneeded pregnancy in the first place. Everybody’s ready to “do the right thing” AFTER they  make the life altering mistake. How convenient. The right thing would be to be responsible and not make the mistake in the first place, or if you do make the mistake of getting pregnant step up to the plate or abort the little fucker if you know you won’t provide the best growing experience possible. You see failing as a parent is about more then just having a bad child. That bad child will grow to become a fucking menace and be a problem that the world will have to deal with. Even worse they will have their own kids who will continue the cycle. Stop fuckin up the gene pool!!!



Now it’s my belief that parents can only prepare their children for the world that they will live in. You can only lay the foundation that the things they’ll see, hear and experience in the world will build upon and hopefully it’s a solid one that allows them to distinguish right from wrong and the good from the bad. The influence that their friends have and the music and movies they listen to and watch will be greater than your constant nagging, but the principles you instill in them from birth will allow them to take it for what it’s worth and guide them thru the other side unscathed. Now it’s true that good can come from bad situations. I’m sure most of us come from unplanned pregnancies and single mother homes that were filled with struggle and we didn’t “turn out half bad” but imagine the quality of the human race if we realized it didn’t HAVE to be that way. Imagine if the focus on proper parenthood was glorified the way all of this other ignorant non productive shit we glorify is. Not just for the show but with actual substance behind it. I can’t tell you how many people I see that have Proud Parent in their twitter bio but average 100+ tweets a day. Log off the fucking Internet and get over yourself. Once you decide to bring a life into this world your life becomes theirs. It’s your responsibility and duty to put them first, not only in the sense of loving and caring for them but also educating and preparing them. What did your child learn from you yesterday that will aid them in being a productive member of society? What value will you teach them today that can help them grow to be a better person?




The simple fact is not everybody is fit to have children. Stop thinking just because God gave you life that he gave you the right to create another one. Just because you CAN do it doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. I believe people should be mentally, emotionally, and financially stable before they are allowed to have children. Get your life in order first before you create one simply because you selfishly “want a baby.” Or want to be able to see yourself in your child. Or want your name to live on or whatever other dumb ass reason I get when I ask people why they want children. It’s about more than you. In fact your needs and wants should actually be put last after everyone else because your decisions can and will affect us.Don’t be such a proud parent that it becomes all about you and nobody can tell you anything. Have pride IN parenting, not WHILE parenting.




Now finally I understand that it’s healthy to maintain your individual identity as a person and not let your children consume your every waking minute but it seems like parents are doing just enough for their kids to grow instead of actually attempting to raise them. Life is the greatest gift one can receive so to be able to give it is even greater but alot comes with that gift. Shoutout to all of the parents that are actively preparing young adults and doing what they’re supposed to do. More than just providing food, clothing, shelter and entertainment for their kids but actually investing in their future and forcing them to utilize the greatest tool they have, their brains. Parents that actually question and analyze the society they live and participate in and aren’t just raising a new generation of sheeple. I find it funny that parents always say they want their kids to “be better than them” but the moral standards of the human race continues to decline generation after generation. We are getting worse and worse ironically being raised by the same people who theoretically “knew better.” After you finish reading this I want you to forward it to every young parent you know. If you have children log off of twitter and facebook for the rest of the day and give them that time. They deserve it.  They didn’t ask to be brought into this fucked up world, it was your own selfish actions and choices so give them as much of a head start as they can get in an already damned society. Read a book to the little dumb nigga or take her lil fat ass to the park or something. Take them to the museum this weekend instead of  the movies. Buy some books and read up on the way the human brain develops and learn some tools you can use to better understand your child for the purpose of communicating with them. Remember how it was when you were a child and stop acting like your little one isn’t capable of causing chaos. Talk with them and not to them. Show them respect as humans and have understanding when dealing with them. That “I’m the parent what I say goes” mentality doesn’t work and is simply for the unintelligent. If your child asks you a question and you don’t know the answer don’t just dismiss them take it as an opportunity to learn something together. Stop trying to be their fucking friend and relive your life through them. But fuck it what do I know, I ain’t shit and I don’t have kids. I probably never will. It’s a task greater than I’m willing to responsibly take on at this point in my life and I’m ok with accepting that. I would love to have children however and I’m confident I would be a great father and produce a person the WORLD would be proud of, but until I’m in the position to do so I will be responsible enough to simply wait. I’m still gone be at these hoes tho. Feel free to follow


P.S. This blog is about Parents.That means Women and Men.  Both are equally important in the growth and development of a human (boy or girl) so in no way did I give the men a pass by pointing out the women in certain parts. Men definitely need to step the fuck up but women also need to make better decisions and stop playing victims. Just cause ya pussy work don’t mean you gotta use it.     –Haz

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One Response to #SoPhi | “Parents Just Don’t Understand…” By @HazTv

  1. La Verite says:

    Good overally message… of course I’m no big fan of certain things related to the delivery but I *get* it now so it is what it is. I totally agree and can speak from the standpoint of a woman with no kids where at one point and due to certain health related circumstances, I once made the selfish statement of saying to another that if I had to choose between having a husband but no child or no husband but having a child, I would go with the latter. Quite selfish and ignorant, yes I know… but it was coming from an emotional place due to the health related issues I’d recently overcome. Long story short, I definitely would not want to bring a child in the world without the blessing of having both parents, a secure foundation, and certain things in place before being blessed with the gift and RESPONSIBILITY of a child. You can never be fully prepared to be a parent as it can be the most difficult job one could ever have but you definitely shouldn’t create one knowing you are in no way, shape, or form deserving of that privilege. Another good post, I hope you keep these coming.

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