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Life is good. Well this is the week people. This is the week where it all comes together. The stress, pain, tears, joy, blood, hurt, frustration, confusion, fatigue, soreness, dedication, and discipline all combine to hopefully be a recipient of a call with a job opportunity. This week is ‘Draft Week’.

Its been an interesting journey looking back from the monday after my last collegiate game all the way to today. Crazy how you always daydream about the things you want in life and even think about the things that need to be done in order to reach those dreams, but out of all those daydreams I have had, none of them came with the satisfying feeling of attainment so close. Like eerily close. I think about when I was just a young chap learning to tie my shoes. Having already mastered the velcro level of the light up sneaker game I had dreams of the next level. Fresh new light up heel power ranger shoes with “SHOELACES” (Du du dunnn). First I had to learn how to tie shoelaces. The frustration felt was amazing when I was not getting the results as fast as I wanted them. All I knew was that if I didn’t put in the work to learn how to get these shoelaces tied I wasn’t going to get these light up shoes, which I ultimately believed would give me similar powers to the power rangers on the playground. I just kept at it as much as I could with my older brothers church shoelaces. Cross, tuck, bunny ears, tuck, & pull. Eventually all my work paid off and I was finally able to get my power ranger light up shoes. As I walked out of payless that day, the sense of joy was so immense that I ran and jumped everywhere as if I had the same powers as the rangers I watched so frequently but only when I tied my shoes tight cause I had to do it right. Many other kids didn’t learn how to tie their shoes as efficiently or just had them tied by someone else so as other kids would eat sand sandwiches from tripping over untied shoelaces I won every race to the swing set with a victorious smile cause I knew the work I put in paid off, as my power ranger shoes lit up the entire way. Thats sort of how I feel about this week.

A culmination of not sleeping in a real bed for months, riding the metro bus 3 hours a day just for 4 hours of training, working my body so hard I could barely stand some days, living out of a suitcase and a travel bag. No complaints just merely doing what needed to be done. I had a dream of playing in the National Football League and that dream is so close its almost unbearable. From early to mid to late round to free agency, it doesn’t matter where I go because I have seen the results of hard work and all I need is a foot in the door and I can take it from there. No matter what happens this week I want to thank everyone who supported. Thank you for all the hopes, wishes, and prayers. I appreciate you. Truly. So from this point we are going to let it fall as it may. I have done all I can to prepare so that I will be ready when my opportunity comes and outside of that its out of my hands. Only thing I can promise you is that I will still be Jaymar whether a call is received or not. So I guess ill catch yall on the flipside. #DRo_OID out.

Don’t forget to smile….

– @SimplyJaymar

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