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There’s nothing uglier than someone who tries to one up you in the game of “how does it feel.” Theres no winner in it. It’s basically a consolation game for 4th & 5th place. Mediocracy at its finest. Long car rides home pushing my waves back, thinking about how I even got into a relationship that mimics a rubik’s cube. Yeah I wanna be involved but I’m not trying to interpret what you’re saying or doing. The stock in face value is plummeting because there’s too many hidden agendas in dating. I got in it for X,Y and Z. How’d I’d end up settling and agreeing to disagree about every third topic?

Mistakes are man made if I’m correct. Perfection is god given. So with that fact/theory in place the idea of a peachy interaction between male and females 100% of the time is null and void. I’m trying to bask in the idea that memories of good and bad are forever.  So lets limit the tears over spilled milk.

Ask yourself this, do you have any ghost from your relationship past that haunt you in your present day?

If you’re taking past experiences with other ppl and applying it to your current situation,  then you sit front row in that club. Lot of plus and minuses you can get from that strategy. No two ppl are alike. Only thing I share in common with the last man she dated is the pocket full of hope I have that this ship sails smoothly. How we get across this sea of possible issues all boils down to how she receives me. There’s no alternate version of the kid. I can give you more or less of me but I don’t differ in who I am.

If you ever find yourself catering to the things someone else likes that you don’t necessarily agree on, then just know you’re digging a grave. Start looking for a way out… How do you take back what you’ve supposedly already given willingly??? You’re lying to yourself. That’s a tough pill to swallow when you glare into the mirror everyday knowing you’re selling yourself short at the expense of temporary happiness.

Your heart that lives below the belt made you sit still and smile, while they got comfortable with the mirage of this life being forever. Nothing wrong in saying no. Setting a standard for what you like. Non verbal communication doesn’t just happen. If I can’t throw my lady a no look pass with subtle body language then I don’t want her to be my lady. Takes work, but not everyone you date is a team player.

Men naturally get comfortable and women get antsy by nature. I’m just now learning about the woman’s internal clock. I thought it just pertained to marriage and babies. Nah… It’s bigger than that. It’s the dream she grew up believing, that one day he’d show up at the foot of her bed with nothing but prince charming quotes, alpha male decision like characteristics and exhibiting chivalry at a level that would put fairy tales to shame.

Most women will tell you that they know this doesn’t exist. It’s not all their fault. The dating game is upside down right now.With social networking involved they read lies all day. There’s dudes who don’t get any trim, always feeding the masses about how they have to beat the women off of them with a stick. Look when you go through such it’s nothing you wanna swim in for too long. When it’s an actual reality, you’re trying to figure out which one of these women are worth the possible headache.

Bragging when you got it shows the whole world that you don’t even know what to do with it. It’s like holding up a sign that reads “Help me I don’t know how to embrace this attention.” Old school millionaires dress to blend in with the public. For a while now when I started dated someone new, I immediately looked for that one characteristic I couldn’t stand, to see if I could accept them for that. Can you embrace the flaws to mold something into a long term basically. I wanna find their ugly right away. Ugly is real. You find it and embrace it or cast it away. Either or but never ignore it….



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  1. boneapetite says:

    Lots of key points here! Dealin with that ugly is thee TRUTH

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