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Once upon a time Haz sold haze. I resided in the  suburbs among the saltines so business was doing rather swell, when one day I received a call from a “custo” attempting to waste some of his parents wealth. The kid inquired about what “flavors” I currently had and I simply responded with whatever I was holding at the time. Apparently the names I provided weren’t “exotic” enough for him and he made a fuss and asked if I could “get anything better, something like ‘G-14’ for example.” Little did I realize it, but this was going to be my first real lesson in the power of Branding. I hung up with him and thought to myself for a second, “am I really gonna let his perception of reality get in the way of my salary?”








Now I wasn’t always as candid as I am today but I do like to pride myself on my consistent honesty. I believe honesty is ALWAYS the best policy but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t seem as if more and more people wouldn’t prefer if you lied to them nowadays. “I don’t wanna know, if you’re playing me keep it on the low” seems to be the general consensus that society shares and it has honestly put the “good guys” such as myself in quite the precarious predicament. You see, when people become used to being lied to it creates a situation where NOBODY CAN ACCEPT THE TRUTH. We live in a world where we’re deceived daily from every direction and the truths that we do hear are watered down and spoon fed to us in their most benign form. “Its not what you say, it’s how you say it” is a commonly used phrase that shows even the truth has to be said a certain way for people to accept it. Nobody tells it like it truly is anymore because all we really know are loud lies and timid truths. For example, when women are lied to by men for their entire lives with no real men around to provide the truth to dilute those lies they grow to believe those lies as truths that have stood the test of time. Everybody tells them they are wifey material and God’s gift to man over the years that it just must be true. Men place a great deal of value on looks, so attractive women appear to be of greater value. “These niggas keep saying I’m fine so everything about me must be fine” is what many attractive women grow up thinking, only to be as “bad” and successful as Halle Berry yet never be able to effectively keep a man. The problem is unlike the burden of proof in a court of law, The Burden Of Truth lies on the person to which it was told. If someone tells you something it’s up to you to believe whether or not it’s the truth and if you choose to its up to you to discover if it’s a lie. At the same time if someone comes to you with what happens to be the truth it’s then yours to accept or yours to reject and continue to live a lie.  People go through life ignoring their homework, believing everything they’re told for no reason other than it sounded good or was what they wanted to hear at the time and grow old and bitter at the world when they really should be mad at themselves.  It’s easy to simply believe everything and not have to use your brain to make sense of anything. There is rarely a response that I will readily receive without a question in close proximity. Then the response to that question will be verified along with everything else I can that was said about the original subject. We live in a world where we have access to almost anything yet ironically nobody knows nothing. Technology breeds comfort and comfort breeds laziness. The more technologically advanced we become the lazier we become and the worse our mental and physical health gets. Think about it. We’re used to everything being done for us at the push of a button, without us having to think or know what that button really does, how it does what it does or even why it has to be done. Nowadays all we do is expect and accept. We expect the truth and accept whatever we are told as such.  People actually believe that commercials and the news  has to tell them the truth. Hilarious



The point being made here is a simple one as it always is. The Burden Of Truth is not a tool to be used for the dishonest but rather its a learned evolutionary adaptation to the current culture of chicanery. See I learned three key things that day selling weed to a white boy.  The first is the truth is rarely convenient. People only care for the truth when it aligns with their ideology. Second is people will always believe a lie if its wrapped in logic.  If it sounds like it makes sense but doesn’t sound too good  and aligns with what they want to believe chances are they won’t give it a second thought. Even if it sounds too good to be true most people will still believe it because they’ll be too lazy to actually do their homework to disprove you. Last but certainly not least is a lie that’s believed, IS the truth until the believer is proven otherwise. In other words once somebody believes a lie as the truth, they will go around believing and even promoting that lie as a fact to others until they are shown undeniable proof to refute the fact. Even if they weren’t provided with proof to begin with. You see the honest me wanted to tell buddy all I had was Silver Haze and either he was buyin or flyin but after quickly analyzing the situation and realizing the fundamentals of this theory were unfolding before my eyes I told him to let me make a call and call him right back.  I hung up and took a good long look at the weed I had. I took a sip of my orange soda, opened the bag and took a strong whiff. Held the best bud I saw up to the light and let the suns rays dance their provocative dance. Then it hit me. I immediately called the kid back and told him a partner of mines had some “Sunkist Kush” on deck but the price was $25 more than I had originally quoted him. I could hear his saliva glands kick into overdrive as his mouth got wetter than a big bitch in a buffet line at the thought of the “new” weed. He had no problem paying a lil extra for some real exotic” so it was really a win win situation.  I admit I sort of felt dirty for the deception but he bought the weed and actually hit me up later glorifying it and requesting more for his friend. Now was it all really just mind over matter? Would he have had the same reaction to the truth as he did to the lie, or did the lie have a better effect on him both mentally and physically than the truth would have had because it was what he wanted to hear? Was I really wrong for telling him what he wanted to hear in order to fulfill his fantasy and not alter the direction of his perception of reality? How much responsibility did he share in verifying that what I was telling him was accurate? In a world where mortality is at an all time high and morality is at an all time low can we really still simply “expect the truth” anymore? Would he have even believed me if I told him the truth after he believed the lie? These are the questions I ask myself when I think about The Truth and the people that supposedly tell it. See I believe the burden should no longer rest on the liars to be honest because they clearly aren’t relinquishing their resistance. Instead, I believe the burden should be placed on the person(s) being told the lie to be intelligent enough to see through it or ingenious enough to find the tools necessary to do their homework and/or research before they simply believe it as fact.  This goes for everybody from women believing the game men run on them until after they let them fuck or become pregnant with their child, as well as every American that’s lazy enough to sit back and let these corrupt politicians do their jobs as citizens for them while they watch reality tv and tweet all day. If you’re dumb enough to wake up and eat lies everyday for breakfast then don’t be mad at the chef when you finally get sick or you figure out what the ingredients are. We have to change the way we view the truth from something that should be delivered to us to something that we must seek out and acquire. A dishonest person might view this as a way to shift the weight of their lies off of them and onto the people that believe them, but I see it as an opportunity for a  person to simply be responsible for the things they receive and believe. Don’t be mad that they lied, blame yourself for believing. As always I’m just a regular nigga with an opinion. Feel Free to Follow

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  1. WolfHD says:

    You have a bright future ahead of you young grasshopper…if I do say so myself

  2. La Verite says:

    Dang it… this was some good stuff. So many key statements it’s ridiculous. How about “Second is people will always believe a lie if its wrapped in logic. If it sounds like it makes sense but doesn’t sound too good and aligns with what they want to believe chances are they won’t give it a second thought”. That gem was dropped straight out of the playa’s manual and I snatched it right on up. I definitely love the way your mind expresses your thoughts in word form so please continue dropping the knowlege, provoking thought, and spreading your ideas.

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