#SoPhi | “Please Close The Captions!” (The Downside to ‘Thirst Trapping’) | Random Rant by @PhillyTheBoss

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So here I am, sitting on twitter, taking my usual mental vacation from work and what do I see? Women posting pics w/ obvious desperate captions that actually have very little to do with the picture they have posted. Its pretty disturbing. You will get a pic thrown on your timeline that says “Oooh, found something on the ground” and a clear ass shot or her “In the gym working out” and she’s just merely standing in a mirror. Close the cot damn captions bitch! The only thing making these pics awkward is the stupid ass captions that you had to attach to it. I’m a straight male. I appreciate the great anatomy of a female like the next man BUT the shit you women are out here doing is equivalent to Sports Illustrated adding stupid captions to their swimsuit calendar like “Sho is sunny out, I wonder if I can catch some rays.” LESS IS MORE. Especially in this case LESS stupid ass irrelevant ass captioning will make you seem MORE intelligent. All of this, just to have the approval of strangers. To be wanted by guys who can’t think of a future with you beyond the nut. It’s ok to want attention. We all do in some way, shape or form. However, I have never seen a more obvious desperate cry for acceptance than the new wave of “Look at me” actions. The problem is, you women aren’t even clever with it. Therefore not only does it show your thirst for attention and acceptance, it also shows, your lack of tact and intelligence. You’re not THIRST TRAPPING anyone. You’re only “Thirst Trapping” yourself. Your thirst for all of this attention is only trapping YOU. Intelligent men can read your need of being wanted, that; “I’m lonely but let me throw up this fake “enjoying life/independent” facade. We read that AND if we want to fuck you bad enough you will get what you’re asking for; some attention, with a good heaping helping of dick. This is what you wanted right? Clearly it wasn’t in regards to the new curtain in your background that we barely could see because you were too busy angling for the camera, yet threw the poor curtain in the captions as a mere scapegoat for your emptiness right? Right. Don’t insult my intelligence with your stupid ass captions.

SO. To sum this up. Just post the pic and walk away. Have some dignity, and if you don’t know how to.. go see your physician and ask for help with “Histrionic Personality Disorder”

Philly The Boss

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