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Mr. “1 outta 4 of my tweets will offend you” (@MrPerfect15) and myself decided to bring you a weekly journal on some things that only a man and people that sport a du-rag could understand. Certain folks frown upon the “Du-Rag” but you gotta understand a couple things about anyone who wears a du-rag. They either been through it, going through it or got enough sense to tell you how to avoid going through it. And by it, I mean the bullshit. No one better than @MrPerfect15 to slowly walk you into the light of this past weeks revelations, epiphanies and learned circumstances. With all that said, I bring to you “Du – Rag Diaries” by @MrPerfect15….


-Tweetgrams are the biggest cries for attention. Nobody is paying attention to your tweets, so you make a picture of it?

-When evaluating a hip hop album these days, there are only two categories …. Wack or classic. Nothing in between.

-The post-breakup weight loss vs. the current relationship weight gain … you see where I’m going here.

-A subtweeting bitch is a weak bitch. They have the easiest mental to manipulate.

-Your iMessage read receipt is off, my bullshit radar turns on. What you hiding puddin?

-There’s women out here that printed out the 48 laws to dating and highlighted key topics. I don’t have any words for you “Too good to listen” floozies.

– Men aren’t as dumb as some of y’all think. Sometimes they just sloppy because y’all aren’t gonna leave anyway. Why work hard to be slick?

– Funniest lie has to be “I was too drunk to reply.” That’s comedy cause when I first hammered the poon you were drunk and replying rapidly….

Until next Friday….

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