#SoPhi | “These Hoes Be Acting Up….” Rant By @PhillyTheBoss

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Fuck It. No political correctness from me today, you guys have been warned. So, I watched “Love & Hip Hop ATL”, at this point I think it’s many of our guilty pleasure. It’s pure unadulterated coonery at its finest, I just can’t turn the channel. Yet something was said last night on the show that made me want to shoot at my TV. Scrappy (whether for TV or not) was looking for guidance on how to handle the Stevie J situation. This hussie “Buckeey” questions his motives for defending the mother of his child…

Let me explain something to you hoes; IF YOU ARE NOT THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE SHUT THE FUCK UP IF YOU CAN’T BE UNBIASED. Who are you, new bitch? You better hope and pray you reach the day he jumps out the bed to defend your honor. You’re a secret, so BASICALLY you really don’t have an opinion worth hearing. Who told the side chicks that they could talk anyway? Newsflash hoes, There is nothing NEGATIVE that you are allowed to say about the mother of a mans child OR his main. If he want to vent, you listen. Head nod, maybe a “Wow, really” and shut your ass up. That rule ya mom gave you as a child “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it anything at all”, yeah.. That applies there. Let the tables be turned, you would be calling that man all types of names if he didn’t defend your honor. I have ZERO children, but there’s a woman if EVER disrespected by a man I’d be in his face over. I’ve watched online in the last 2 weeks multiple women argue with other women saying “When ya baby was knocking on the door and he didn’t answer, I was in the house.” What?! That’s what we call a “BITCH ASS NIGGA” where I’m from. My kid WOULD NEVER, EVER be waiting outside due to a piece of ass. You as a woman have to get up and walk out on that clown the minute he allowed that. There’s no longer “honor amongst thieves”. As time goes on Hoe ass men and hoe ass women get worse and worse. If a man can’t respect his family, especially one he created, that nigga isn’t a man. You enabling that type bullshit make you less than a woman. I don’t say this to look down on you dumb fucks, this is tough love to help bring you up. YOU HAVE TO LOOK DOWN IN ORDER TO PULL SOMEONE UP.

Don’t even get me to going on the clown that is Stevie J. There isn’t shit real about that clown..

THE BASE Recipe to Being a man:
Have Some Character
Have some morals
A couple goals
A few aspirations
Pride in Oneself

Mix ALL THAT SHIT UP and let it cook! Don’t be a fuckin sucker all ya life. I’m sick of you basic MF’ers. Yall really make me hate paying taxes. Start demanding better of each other and you wont end up single and lonely wit a STD or with a kid he don’t want to acknowledge. Meanwhile tweeting miserable shit like “I’m done with men” Lesbians don’t want your basic, miserable ass either.

Pardon my language to my loyal readers from other places and other cultures who may not understand, but sometimes you have to undo the tie and roll up your sleeves to deal with certain issues. Til next time, y’all be cool

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