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No recipe this week good people, we have to have a quick sit down. There’s something we need to discuss. Contrary to popular belief, the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” is a 99.9% lie. One usually said to politely mask their disdain while appeasing the ego of the giver. It’s more about the effort, it’s the labor, the creativity, the love put in is what really counts.

On that note: Betty Crocker and her box cake crew must die.

She has aided to this generation of lazies who survive on < 20 minute meals and tweet each other while in the same room. She instructs you to “add oil” and creates the façade of greatness by using terms such as “Super Moist.” She has made billions of dollars with those three step bags of misfortune somebody has to take a stand. I hate her and by the time you finish reading this blog hopefully you will too. Now I can think of a few excuses a reader would defend Ms. Crocker’s honor. Time consuming? It really only takes five eggs, some butter, sugar, flour, and a hour to bake a cake from scratch. {See the Food and Travel section for Red Velvet Cupcakes and “Your Favorite Pound Cake” recipes}. Cost effective? That same box of NO you spent four dollars on could’ve gone towards something nice at happy hour. “You don’t feel like it?” If you have an “I don’t feel like it attitude when it comes to cooking/baking just… no. For every Betty Crocker box recipe out there, there’s a “from scratch” recipe that I PROMISE you tastes 1,000 times better. Even that jar of vanilla frosting can be made with some shortening and confectioner’s sugar. I’m on the Betty Crocker website as I type and there are few amazing “from scratch” desserts on here... see, she doesn’t appreciate her own box! To. the. kitchen. By no means is this an attempt to undermine anybody. Yes there are a few (few) occasions where a box cake would the more convenient alternative, for example a child's birthday party at school or a bs potluck at work. Im just asking you to TRY. This is about quality. Betty Crocker box cakes go in the same boat with kitten heels and Canal Street Gucci bags. I don’t want that life for you. However I can’t think of any man that wouldn’t find slight pleasure in finding his woman in the kitchen getting busy with the hand mixer and flour all over her shirt. Instead of just throwing the bowl in the sink, let him taste the batter (pun may or may not be intended). There’s a catchy lil song out about it so I’ve heard… This is a “we” conversation, as I was once a part of the Crocker cult. I’ve since seen the error in my ways *church clap* and its flour, sugar, and butter from here on out. Back to the recipes next week, feel free to @ me on twitter if there's a special request. So far these have been all my recipies but if I don't have it i'll find it... Drea cares. Also, be sure to check out my bakery, Honeecakes Bakery, at

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