#SoPhi | “It’s Monday B****, Relax” By @PhillyTheBoss | #RandomRant

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Monday’s are THEE busiest days of the work week. Well at least the day you should be most productive. However everyone NOT in business with you safely assumes that you have time enough to interact with them. Take texting for instance. SHE text you at 9:04am. If you’re in the business I’m in, you’re likely on a call at that time and by 9:30 she’s 30 contacts down the food chain. Why? Because every time someone text you, the person who text you first gets knocked down the list. Therefore whoever was 1st becomes last. If its a business contact you respond back to them first and may very well get caught up in conversation or land on another call. Meanwhile the person who is nothing more than a “personal” contact is getting upset? For what? RELAX!!! Your turn will come. Same with Phone calls. It’s pretty much a rotisserie system, If you were first you will end up last. No one is ignoring you, they are just getting to the immediate priorities (work related) first. BY THE WAY JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS TWEETING DOESN’T MEAN THEIR PHONE IS AVAILABLE. I could very well be on it handling business and trying to fit in some fun at the same time. Why would you text me instead of DM’n me anyway? Unless it’s some freaky shit, you can DM it. Get over your fucking selves. It’s Monday bitches, Relax!

“Business requires one to be BUSY” – Philly The Boss

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