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The phone rings loudly, I hit the blunt hard before reaching for
it. This bitch better hurry the fuck up, I got shit to do today. “Yo,
what’s up ma? Hurry the fuck up, I got some runs I need to make. Be
here at 11.”
I get up and walk to the closet, behind my charcoal Slim
Fit 2-Button ‘Aikonen charcoal suit, rests a small wall safe. I enter
the 4 digit code, 6-10-16-41, and the safe pops open with a quiet
hiss. “This stingy pussy bitch ain’t wanna let me hit back in the day,
but now a nigga shining and she can’t get enough”
I grab 25 banded
stacks and rest them on the Bombe chest in the hallway outside of the
closet. Place them in a small gym bag, I make my way to the den
downstairs to grab some Johnny Walker Blue Label. Lemme finish this
blunt and lounge for a minute. I pull hard on the blunt sip the warm
whisky. The phone rings again, FUCK. “Hello, Muhfucka can you tell I’m
tryna relax? Somebody better be dead for you to be callin me now.”

“Yo, nigga chill. The spot on Old Orchard was jacked.” “What they hit
us for?” My eyes narrow, brow furrows, and I feel my back tense up.
“It was a full house, they got the ladies and we ain’t do pick up yet.
Them niggas got us for everything.” “WHAT? You, Reese, Bobby and TDub
look into that shit. We need to settle up. Tell the youngsters round
the way to hit the block and keep they ears open. I want them niggas
in the basement by morning.”
“Aight fam, we on it.”

The doorbell rings, and I stop at the mirror in the hall. Smoothing my
hair with my palm, “This bitch finna do all the shit her stuck up ass
I open the door. She strolls in the foyer, “Hi Avion. Long
time no see.” “Yea, likewise shorty. You looking like the time been
good to you though.”
She’s got on a knee length Calvin Klein knit wrap
dress. The knit tightly hugs her exaggerated curves, set off by her 5
inch black Louboutin Rolando slingbacks . Her long brown hair is
swept softly over her shoulder, perfectly accenting her golden skin
and green eyes. This bitch still fine as fuck. “Come in, you want some
Johnny or some shit to drink?”
“Sure, I’ll take some.” I lead her into
the den, and pour her a drink. She sips slowly… making her tongue
lightly graze the tip of the glass with each sip. “Come here. “ She
walks over seductively swaying her hips to the music booming through
the stereo. She stops before coming close enough for me to touch. She
sings Sade sweetly as she begins to untie the wrap of her dress. Damn
this bitch got my dick hard and she been here 5 minutes. She unwraps
the dress and lets the rich knit fabric fall to the floor. Standing
there in her black lace La Perla Misaki boustier, she leans over
begins to rub my dick through my jeans. She unbuttons them slowly,
and begins to stroke my hard dick. “Mmmm… you’re ready for me baby.”
“Bitch I been ready.” I watch as she licks her crimson lips and slowly
takes my dick in her mouth. Sucking slowly at first, she slides onto
her knees and I lean my head back. “Bitch, move them hands, I wanna
see you sucking that shit. You know you been wanted to taste this
I grab the back of her head as she finds a rhythm, and lift
myself up to meet her mouth with my strokes. Grabbing her jaw, I
force my dick deeper into her throat hearing her choke. “Yea, choke on
that shit ma. You love this dick.”
I start fucking her face, this shit
feels so good. I feel my balls seize up and I know I’m about to bless
this bitch with my seed. I hold her head tightly pressing her nose
onto my abs, and release into her throat. “AHHH. Fuck.” I get up and
rip her panties off. Grabbing her by the throat, I push her over the
arm of the Corinthian leather sectional, and shove my dick in her.
With her face in the leather, I relentless pound her sweet ass pussy
until I feel my balls seize up again. Pulling out, I snatch her up
off the couch and shoot onto her face. “AHHH. Yeah bitch. Take all
that shit.”
She stands briefly, as I make my way to the mini-fridge to
grab some water. “Go wash your face. I got shit to do today ma, so
you gotta go.”
She makes her way out of the den, and stops at the
bathroom. The phone rings again, and I grab it quickly. “Yo bruh, I
told you to handle that shit. You muhfuckas can’t do shit without
“Nahh man, we found a young nigga on the block that say he know
what’s up with the Old Orchard spot.” “Aight, I’m coming through.”
Just as I hang up the phone, she’s wrapping her dress and putting her
shoes on. “Aight ma, you gotta roll, I’mma dip out with you.” I see her
to the door, and hop in the Denali to head to the block. Forgetting
the bag I need for the drop today in the hall, I run back in the house
up the steps. “FUCK. That bitch got me.”


“Man, get some boys together and let’s play ball tomorrow. My
Sunday’s always free.”
“Aight cool, I got a homie who might wanna come
through to make it a even 6 for three on three.” “Aight” I hang
up the phone. Damn, Mia gon be tight I ain’t going to her fam crib
tomorrow for dinner, but fuck that I be going every week. I walk up
the three flights of stairs to our two bedroom apartment on North St.
As I open the door I hear Mia screaming into the phone. “What’s wrong
babe?? Damn.”
Mia runs over to me crying and drops her to her knees on
the floor in front of me. Her beautiful brown hair messy and stuck to
her face by her tears. “Momma is getting ready to be put out of
treatment. The state won’t pay for her rehab anymore after the
first.” Mia begins to sob inconsolably. “Damn, we just got her in that
treatment center last month. Baby don’t worry she stayin clean this
time, Imma do what I have to to make sure of it. Just stop crying.”
grab her face gently and kiss her salty lips. “I just want my momma
back.” I scoop her up off the floor and carry her into the bedroom.
Laying her onto the bed, I sweep her hair out of her face. Even
crying my baby is beautiful. “I promise you that I will make this
right, I don’t ever want you in here crying like this again.”
I pull
her in close to me and kiss her lips. Her golden skin shines in the
soft light of our bedroom. I begin planting wet passionate kisses on
her lips, neck, and collarbone. She lets a soft moan escape her
pouting lips. I move down slowly, removing her t shirt. Sucking her
nipples one at a time then both, I reach down to feel her wetness.
Licking my index finger, I offer her my middle to suck so she can
taste how sweet she is. I begin to kiss down her stomach to her panty
line. I suck on her love through her panties, and she moans again.
“Yea, baby. Know that I got you. Always.” I pull her panties down,
and begin kissing- sucking- fingering -ravaging her pussy. I grab her
by her thighs and pull her to the edge of the bed so I can feel her
thighs wrapped around my head as her wetness covers my face. I hear
her breathing become shallow, and feel her stomach tighten. “Mmmm.
Baby come for me, I wanna taste you.” She lets out a loud moan, and I
lap at the sweetness she needed so desperately to give me. She lay
silent on the bed, as I get up to get a rag. I wash my face, and
bring the rag into the bedroom to wipe her off. She’s sleeping so
peacefully on the bed. I gotta find a way to make this right. I wipe
her down, and place a blanket over her for her to rest.

“Mia, Imma head over with the boys to play ball on Wilshire instead of
going over to your folks crib. I’ll be home by 8 or 9 though.”
babe. Imma go sit with my sister and them and try to figure out a plan
for Momma. Just call me when you’re done.” I grab my gym bag and head
over to the courts to meet the homies. I pull up to the courts and
these niggas out here stretching and shit like we finna play the Dream
Team. “Niggas… yall not finna do no numbers. Why yall out here like
we playin at the Rucker?”
“Hahaha! Nigga shut up.” I run up and slap
the backboard, before dapping my boys, Ron, Dice, Rich, Black and this
new nigga D Will. We play 3 quick games, before I feel like my knees
might give out. “Nigga, I’m done. Y’all ain’t finna kill me out here
in this fuckin heat. Let’s go grab a drink across the street before we
head out.”
We stop at the cars to drop our bags off, and head over to
Glen Roy’s Bar. “Yo let me get 6 Shock Tops and two 20 piece wings.”
We sit at our table and start to catch up, I ain’t seen these niggas
in a minute. I begin to tell them how Mia’s momma is about to be put
out the treatment center, when DWill the new kid, says he has a lick
that might help us all come up. DWill tells us about this nigga Avion
he works for. Said the nigga got half the city locked down, but his
niggas getting sloppy at the stash spots. “Yeah, I been clockin homie
moves since my OG Nick Love put me on with him after I got out last
year. I work his spot over on Old Orchard, and that shit run like
clockwork. They got bitches in there cookin the work, and 2 niggas in
the basement stashin at least 250 cash til pick up at 8 every two
days. That shit like takin candy from a baby dog.” “Aight, so if we
down to do this, what’s the timetable? We gotta hit this one time and
disappear man. “
“They picking up today, so we either hit tonight or
wait two days till the spot full again.”


Damn, this shit with momma got me so stressed. I gotta come up on
some cash. Momma is finally back to her old self, I can’t have her
slipping back into the bullshit. I wash my ashen face, from where my
tears dried and prepare to head over to Li-Li’s for dinner. I hear my
phone vibrate and grab it quickly thinking it may be Kalil telling me
he wants to come too. It’s only my sister Li-Li so I answer slightly
irritated. “What up Li? I’m getting dressed now.“ “Girl, hurry up.
I’m making pernil and that shit been in all day. Can you grab some
Corona’s for the guys before you head over?” “Sure, I got you.” I hang
up the phone even more irritated than before she called. I’m worried
about momma and this bitch worried about Corona’s for her useless as
baby daddy. I laugh, and run the shower so I can get to the liquor
store before they close.
I slide some cherry chapstick on my lips and fluff my long full curls
before heading into Longwood Liquors. They usually give me a good
deal if I flirt a little. Lord knows I need to save this money. I
hop out my Honda Accord and stroll up the walkway to the store,
distracted as hell. As I grab the door handle, I’m almost knocked off
my feet by an arrogant asshole screaming at the cashier. “Tell Kev, to
have my fuckin case of Blue Label by 5, nigga told me that shit would
be ready three days ago.” He looks down and notices my irritated
expression from him almost knocking me on my ass. “Oh, my bad ma… if
I’da known a pretty bitch was behind the door I wouldn’t have came out
this muhfucka without my cool on. You know it be a bunch of hood rat
bitches around here.” I glance at him and remember him immediately.
“Hi, Avion. How’ve you been?” “Oh, Mia? That’s you? I ain’t seen you
since high school. You looking good ma. As you can see, I’m doing
good.” He spins around and flashes his Oyster Perpetual Presidential
Rolex. I roll my eyes. I fuckin hate this nigga. He wasn’t shit in
high school, and he clearly still ain’t shit. Money never could buy
you class, and this nigga clearly has money to burn. He grabs my hand
and kisses it, “Why don’t you take my number down. Let a real nigga
show you how to live.” As he takes my hand, I am reminded of the fact
that it’s this nigga’s dope surging through my momma’s veins and my
blood boils. “I have a boyfriend. I’m sorry I can’t do that.” “Look
ma, ain’t shit wrong with keepin ya options open, take the number and
use it if you tired of whippin that bullshit ass Honda.” He slides his
card into my hand and hits the alarm on his blacked out Denali. I
roll my eyes, put the card in my pocket, and head in to grab a case of

Li-Li and her baby daddy are sitting in the living room smoking a
blunt when I walk in. “Where’s the kids?” “Oh, they ran over to the
park to play with Kasia and them for a minute so we could talk about
Momma.” “Damn, Li-Li. What are we gonna do? I ain’t got the cash to
keep Mommy in Cypress Woods any longer than a few weeks. How much you
“Girl, I just had a baby. You know me and Chris gotta worry
about diapers and daycare and shit, so we ain’t got it.” I begin to
cry again. “What the fuck are we gonna do?” My mind starts racing and
the card in my pocket feels like it’s on fire. “You remember Avion?”
“That mean ass nigga you used to fuck with in high school? Yeah, I
heard he on now. He be putting in major work.” “Yeah he been putting
in work, I think I might need to go see this nigga so I can ask him
for the money to help Momma.”
“Bitch, he sell dope. Why would he help
you keep Momma in rehab? You trippin.” “I gotta convince him that he
I pull out my phone and begin to dial his number. “Hi, is
this Avion?”
“Yea, who this?” “It’s Mia. I wanted to know if you
wanna spend some time?”
“Umm, yeah ma. I’mma be free around 10 or 11
tonight. Come through. “ I scribble down his address and hang up the
phone. “Li-Li, help me find an outfit. I gotta convince this nigga
that to hit me off with the $25K we need for Momma.”
“He ain’t givin
you that money. You better go in there and take that shit.” “The
chick who does my hair used to fuck him, she told me he got a safe in
the crib and be throwing dough around like he Floyd and the Money
Team.” “Li-Li, this ain’t right. I can’t steal it.” “Think of it as
payment for all the fuck shit he did in high school, and for the dope
his people sold Momma.” Damn. I’ll do anything for Momma. But this
shit so sick. “Lemme hurry up and head home, I gotta get ready if
Imma go see him. Can I borrow your red Calvin Klein wrap dress?”
yea girl. Take what you need.”


“Muhfucka who stole from me??” I pull the glock 9 out my waist and
slam the base of the semi into his temple. Blood spews from his
wound. “Man… I don’t know. I swear I don’t!” “Bitch ass nigga, yes
you do. You new around here. You the only member of the team I had
questions about and the only muhfucka who wasn’t in here when that
shit went down earlier. WHO STOLE FROM ME??”
I tell the soldiers to
hold his head steady as I aim for his ear. “Nigga you got one more
time to lie to me, and Imma blow your head off. WHO THE FUCK STOLE
DWill begins to sob, but doesn’t speak. I let off
one shot , and he howls in pain. “I said who stole from me. Write
the names down. I wanna see these niggas. “
Holding his bloody ear
canal where his ear used to be, DWill slowly writes down the names of
his accomplices. Imma hunt these niggas down one buy one til I recoup
my bread. That bitch Mia on my list too, think she got me for that
bullshit ass 25 stacks. “Niggas listen up. It won’t be no sleep in
the hood, tell everyone of these muhfuckas is on a slab in the morgue.
Except the bitch. Bring her to me alive. That bitch gone learn not
to steal from me. She gotta earn that 25.”

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