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You thought I was going to write a lengthy blog about what you should do with your money and how wrong you are in your convictions? Nah, that’s all on you playboy. However, often enough the “$200 Date” topic pops up on twitter. With people on all sides of a debate on whether its too much or too little, etc. I’m not really here to force you to believe in either side although I feel a $200 date is rather inexpensive. Interestingly enough, people always have the same old date. Movies and dinner is highly cliche so why not add some variety. Interact, get to know. You can’t really get to know anyone after a movie starts. Without further ado, check out some great date Ideas below. Keep in mind, these are all my first date ideas, NOT somethin I’m dictating to you.

New York City

New York City can be pricey. However, not as pricey as one would assume. Its all about What you want to do vs. What you’re willing to do.

Broadway Show: Memphis This show has won multiple awards and is closing after a great 3 year run. You can still catch it at $41.50 per ticket bringing your total to $83

Dining: Becco Head over to a favorite of mine “Becco” an Italian restaurant in Hells Kitchen. I partake for lunch at least once whenever I’m in NYC. You can essentially feed 2 people on $80 and that will include a nice bottle of wine. your total now is $163 (remove the wine you’re looking at $138 including your Broadway show)

Physical Activity: After Becco you can walk around Manhattan discussing whatever you please, just enjoying each others company Or you can head to my favorite bar “Irish Rouge” in the vicinity of Becco and The Broadway shows, for a round of pool or 3.


Philadelphia is a City rich in history, a very charming place with tons to do, if you’re open minded and not trying to do the same things every chance you get.

Event: Philadelphia’s Museum Of Art (Featuring: “The Rocky Steps”)
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the largest art museums in the United States. It has collections of more than 227,000 objects that include “world-class holdings of European and American paintings, prints, drawings and decorative arts. It also features the ever so popular “Rocky Steps” at any given time you go, you will see a tourist run the steps, reach the top and spin with their arms held high. Admission: $47 for 2

Activity: The Wine School
People looking to put a little spring in their step can find it at the Society Hill Dance Academy, where $20 buys entry into a lively, drop-in dance class at the Manayunk or Center City locations. No experience or reservation is necessary to join a 45-minute group introduction to dances like the salsa, cha-cha, foxtrot and rumba. Classes are offered nightly Monday through Friday, and an open house dance party takes place every Friday night, 8:30-10:00 p.m That’s $40 for 2, (Brings your total to $87, so far.)

Dining: Oyster House Center City
I’ve been twice, neither time of my choosing but I enjoyed each visit. $1 Oysters, $3 Draft Beer, you really can’t beat it and NOW they have 2 Maine Lobsters with all the fixings and corn on the cob for $26, 2 of those with a few drinks can handle the remaining $113 you have left in your budget.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is our nations capital, rich in culture and expansive things to do when going out on a date. Tons or restaurants and museums to enjoy. Check out some of D.C.’s greatness below.

Activity Any Museum (Outdoor or Indoor)
Who know’s what you will be into or what piques your interest. However, whatever it is, D.C. has a Museum of place for it. (Price can Vary from free to a few bucks)

Dining: A Picnic on Roosevelt Island
Pack some Champagne, or Wine, Eats of your choice and head over to the island named after our President, Theodore Roosevelt. A great way to interact is in the midst of nature and a warm scenery. A great way to pick ones brain and feel if there is any intellectual chemistry is on a picnic date. Its pure Isolation, just you and her. If you’re a complete imbecile or dunce, scratch this altogether, she will hate you for the torture. (A bottle of wine, and lunch, lets say $60-$70)

Event: Pick an Embassy
The Embassies in D.C. Host many events, nothing is classier than mingling with a few of the “Who’s Who’s”, networking and partying the night away. This will require appropriate attire so be aware of that. I hear Costa Rica has a pretty nice event coming up. If you’re free, Go for it. ($90 For 2 Brings your total to $150+)

Now that we covered all you can do for $200 in the 3 major East Coast cities, If she’s worth it, spend it. If she’s not worth it, you shouldn’t be on that date to begin with. Either way $200 isn’t much for a date and it can go far in getting her to be open to a second date or even more.

We will cover Houston, Atlanta & Miami in the next installment of $200 Dates.

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