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These are Rik’s thoughts and Rik thoughts alone. (Note: I @PhillyTheBoss, wouldn’t post anything like this that I don’t agree with. I feel as If I post it, it is in fact somewhat a representation of my company/brand which in turn is a representation of me and The SoPhi team. I speak for all of us when I say; Thank you Rik for asking to post this)

Recently (well ever since I joined twitter), I’ve notice that the cool thing to do is shit on black women. I don’t participate in that nor do I participate in the light skin women look better than darker skinned women or vice versa. All to often we find reason to shade and slight the women who look like us, make them feel inferior to other races for whatever reason. Sure we are all entitled to our own preferences and opinions, so I thought I’d share why EYE love black women.

First of all I think black women are the strongest and most beautiful women on earth. Obviously I’m biased, I was raised by a single black mom and I wanted for NOTHING growing up. This probably greatly affected my image of black women in a positive way, and I’m not mad at that at all.

As a man I need and want a strong black woman who is my equal, but understands we play different roles. One who has my back in my endeavors and pushes me to do better. From my experiences, which may be limited…..or not, black women have always held me down and pushed me. While I do prefer dark skin women, I don’t limit myself to not explore things with redbones or the brown skin women either. I love the texture of their hair, the sexiness of their voices, the sassy and feisty attitudes they bring to the table. I love a good home cooked meal, with some soul in it, I love a black woman’s curviness and vivaciousness. I love ones who are street smart and book smart. I like that we share cultural backgrounds that may be similar and other similar experiences. Let me tell you there is nothing like a beautiful, fit, intelligent, career minded black woman. Sure as men we deal with a lot when it comes to black women, but I think its well worth it.

I love my black women! You are beautiful queens!



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