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“The Plateau Effect” – @RobHaveman

Damn… It was all good a week ago.
Relationships with women can sure change in a New York minute. Just when you think things are going great and headed in the right direction the chick flips a switch in her brain and sends negative signals that’ll have a man contemplating reality. What the fuck just happened? How can I fix this? This heaux is bipolar! Should’ve seen this coming…

Thoughts ravage a man’s brain when the female in the relationship calls it quits. Face to face break-ups, calls, and texts. That shit happens all the time. Even if the broad ended it abruptly and just stopped all communication. That’s the worst. No closure. No nothing. What went wrong? Do you even care, that’s the first step to ponder.
You’ve invested so much time into a female and she’s done the same with you. You think you have a future together. Wrong! She ends it all. For some reason, only she knows, and you’ll never find out. Women are an endless pit of emotions that change along with their hairstyles and make-up. You try and contact her through texting once or twice but get no response. All hope is lost. Time has been given to think things through thoroughly. And, you over think. That’s what we do. But, that’s not the point. How does a woman that you’ve opened up to and gotten to know so well just slam the door shut? Only time will tell.

So, there you are sitting at home watching ESPN and you still got this broad in the back of your head. The thought of not knowing how this relationship got fucked up is a parasite in your mind. You’re not only pissed that she dropped you first but how you can’t seem to come up with any explanation as to why she would do that shit. You endeavor your thoughts.

Man, I actually tried for this one. Wined and dined her. Took her places she’s never been. Dicked her down good and showed her my Superman stamina. I was a gentleman, a true connoisseur with her. Even her family accepted me. This can’t be my fault. Fuck no.

So, you’ve listed all of the fine qualities you’ve thrown down on the table for this woman. Negatives? Maybe a few, but the positives over-power them. Nothing but good vibes and fine living have been offered to this great lady and now you’re stuck pitching a tent in your Bachelor pad. Ha. Just when you thought life was going good. That box was yours anytime you desired. The comfort of her being there was dead on center. You took her time for granted. Not anymore though. She’s missing. You’re missing her. Is she out in the world with another man? Did her ex come back into her life and take back what was once his? You don’t have a fucking clue.

How does a female move forward to the next man with what you’ve already offered to her? You’re a structured individual with a good career, your own crib, a nice vehicle, and head on your shoulders. A sense of security was established when she first became interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Your sense of humor reeled her in and never faded. You’ve shown her who you are and you always listened to her. You showed her you’re interested in her and learning more. She was smart, witty, funny, and her passion for spending time with you was mutual. Everything was so sophisticated. Damn near perfect. How the fuck does she cut out like that? Where does she go from here?

Thus, the Plateau Effect comes into play. She obviously chose you for numerous amounts of reasons. Now, you had to be an upgrade from her previous relationship since she wouldn’t repeat the same mistake twice, we will assume. You were the best she’s ever had. And the best she will ever get (Ruling out the celebrities, real estate gurus, and shit). She has to stay within her “class” of men to choose from upon moving forward. Since she can’t clone you, she’s making a downgrade. Somebody below you will have what you once thought was your Queen. Fuck it. You can’t change that. If that’s what she wants, that’s what she gets. You can’t change a woman’s mind once it’s made up. It was her choice in the first place. She takes a pay cut, loses some benefits, and says goodbye to the company vehicle. Whatever the fuck ever. After all, you can’t save a heaux that doesn’t want to be saved…

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  1. jimmy Q says:

    you a nut bro ctfu but i’ve been there b4 so i can relate.

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