“The Day Sophi Almost Crumbled, @MrMikeJay Rises…”

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Some thought I was dead in the popular topics world… Others thought I retired. This is the story of how Sophisticated Ignorance almost crumbled. This is the inside dig from the only man with the craft to do this. If I don’t save the Sophi city who will????

A blustery October day the allegiance was formed…. Sophisticated Ignorance rose up out of the pack of blogs and sites that sold dreams on what could or should be your next move concerning relationships, dating and life’s other dealings. The mind behind recruiting a team of writers and idea people, @PhillyTheBoss, positioned himself in prime position to take the twitter world by storm. Furiously pushing the envelope to myself and @MrPerfect15 to join his “league of shadows”, if you will; creating and manufacturing some of the wildest and most interesting ideas, stories and follower participation topics.

I was already cruising on my own freeway of crafty literature laced with jewels for the interested and thought provoked readers. I paused for lengthy thought before joining the Sophi (So-Fye) squadron. After consulting with my ace @MrPerfect15, it was done. We merged and brought together the new era of writing about popular topics. Lacking a certain level of bluntness, @PhillyTheBoss recruited @HazTV for an extra punch. A secret weapon, if you will. More material with strong views and callus words for women that bare the “ain’t shit lifestyle”.

Blog release after blog release the popularity grew, the anticipation for more simmered into a meal best served with release date announcement the prior day.; a different writer, a different angle with insight for the clouded to see brighter days. My contributions to each blog was tailored to a perfect fit. We had the triangle offense in it’s prime of success.

Each of us striking gold with each release, @Haztv released blogs that had words damn near trademarked. He saw me as healthy competition in the writing genre. I chuckled at this idea, but welcomed the sparring session because iron sharpens iron. Dropping one release after the other, like two all league players not even stretching before the game and dropping 40 in a half, we took turns –  but the readers spoke…. They wanted more of @MrMikeJay…

Philly’s ingenious idea and timing of dropping “The Brackets” was the gift and the curse: popularity reached new heights. The site touched a million views in half a year due to the brackets. The copy cats took to their sites creating a broke mans knock off of the brackets. I sat back and started to fall into the shadows, watching the new bright lights burn holes into the thought process of everything to follow… The demise… My absence.

With their new success, the Sophi team became engulfed in lust, ego and entitlement. My eyes had to be deceiving me. I witnessed @PhillyTheBoss threaten his colleagues well being over the lust of @SweetMitEdition, @ImYoLoveJones , @OfficerNesh and @_Salacious_ … “The Fade” was a constant discussion.

Befuddled by what I was reading, I consulted with the sharp witted @MrPerfect15… He stayed quiet, almost mime like – it was too late. Peez was in the Matrix too. The women played along with Philly’s regime with whispers of complaints but never in his vicinity of hearing such. @Haztv took the blog under minor control while @PhillyTheBoss was locking and loading his threats for potential new suitors of his ladies.

I fell deeper into the shadows, training and crafting my skill, angling for a better position for a quick strike to slump the drunk with power @PhillyTheBoss… I had to regain the way of the lost legion of Sophi. The new recruit and young star @ImDesi was the last line of defense.

The last hope that could lead the aloof minds back to promise, Desi stood in the fire like a true avenger would. The ignorance was outweighing the sophistication. Desi brought the sophistication back ten fold. Never being lead astray. Focused on her penmanship, I watched from afar and admired the fact that there could be a new face that could emerge as “The Chosen One”

It’s been three months since I authored my own piece on Sophisticated Ignorance, three months since I scribed anything to make the people march to the center of town and riot for more. Three months later, I rise. Only two options for the naysayers: Fall in line or fall out of relevance. The summers almost over, you’ve had your fun.

I say this with @PhillyTheBoss’s fear in my sights. He knows I’m the immovable force. Ladies, fear no more: it’s safe to come back again. He can’t boss you around anymore. The dictatorship rule is over. @HazTv retired the word “Hoe” from his vocabulary, but his points in the pieces still reach it’s purpose. I’ve got @ImDesi and @MrPerfect15 cruising the bad lands with intentions of leaving more gems.

It could only be me. It could only be the one he took under his marketing wing that could slay the monster. It’s the kid who puts words together like a mosque architect. Stay tuned…


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