“Du-Rag Diaries” By (@MrPerfect15) In Time You’ll See…

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After the first installment from “Mr. 1 Outta 4 Tweets Will Offend You” dropped  the Du-Rag diaries, he had to take a hiatus and cruise the streets to gather more research and odd findings that remain relevant in the culture. Du-Rag cape still flowing in the wind, suckas and bitter testosterone filled men are still acting crabby. But that doesn’t put a halt to @MrPerfect15’s quest, which is to bring you the inside look at a man that bares the Du-Rag with the cape out. Cause honestly, it shouldn’t be worn any other way…

  • Football season and election day is fast approaching. Tis the season of biased/baseless opinions.


  • Next time you’re really feeling your aura with the ladies. Send a nude pic that a puddin initially sent you, BACK to her.  Quick result to where you still stand in her in(box).
  • All the puddin’s in relationships, if you ain’t into football, make Sunday girls day. Create a win/win situation for you and your man.


  • The Dominican women stock has been on a steady incline since the inception of twitter and instagram.


  • “It’s kinda like she’s both of ours, we just gonna keep her down at my house” *Red from Friday voice


  • When was the last time you heard a Jay-Z verse that moved you?


  • I’m not a fan of pregnant sex, even though they say that’s when it’s the wettest. My theory on that wetness is that box gotta be full of baby tears.
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  1. WolfHD says:

    This guy makes sense LOL

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