#SoPhi | “I’m Sorry I Made A Ho Outta You…” Open Apology By (@MrPerfect15)

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Disclaimer: This apology does not directly represent the thoughts/views of Sophisticated Ignorance as a site, or its affiliated representatives. This is my shit. – @MrPerfect15

Now that I got that out of the way, this post is to address the women of my past that I directly, or indirectly, took advantage of mentally. This applies more to the casual/semi-casual encounters. What brought me to this apology was a short, sharp comment from a complete stranger that placed me in a position to look at myself from the outside. The woman that said this is very … chatty, for lack of better word, so I was half listening to what she was saying.

There was a moment of digression … she gazed into my eyes and took a stroll right into my soul and said, “You know damn well you’re responsible for making a ho out of a few women!” My initial reaction was “Shut the fuck up nigga, you don’t even know me,” and I dismissed it. But then I got to thinking and realized; I absolutely should take responsibility for my actions of causing these women to be hoes.

I knew that being who you truly are is a lost art and most men don’t even attempt to bring that to the table. The game is so fucked up that just the idea or the temporary comfort of dealing with a real dude will get you the “At least he is honest pussy”.

Over time and my travels in these shark infested dating waters, I learned that when a woman first meets you, she’s already weighed in on if she’d give you the love below, in her head. If she is, it’s yours for the taking. As long as you carry yourself like a stand up dude, she’s gonna still give it to you even if something comes up that’s not in her favor (gf, bm, etc.)

It’s lay up line, easy … Fishing with dynamite … Picture should be crystal clear here. Women are only difficult to understand when you’re being mentally combative with them. They’ll tell you EVERYTHING they want in a few text conversations, if you’re attentive.

I’d “Rope a Dope” em until they got exhausted, then make my move. I mentally created a rationalization for the manipulation and it allowed me to believe that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. “As long as I’m not lying, it’s her fault for any feelings she catches.” But It’s a new day, and my Du-rag with the cape out lifestyle won’t let me do anything but strive to be great. So with all that in mind it’s the right thing to do. I mean everyone deserves a few shots at getting it right.

So from the bottom of my heart and from the base of my penis , I’m sorry …. -@MrPerfect15

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