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Nights are getting cooler, leaves are about to turn… summer’s has come to a bittersweet end. Do you know what this means?


Whether you’re an avid football fan, just rooting for your team’s new quarterback (s/o to RGIII!), or trying to learn the ins n outs of football to impress the one lurking in your DMs (no judgement zone here at SoPhi) there are plenty of ways you can make this football season one to celebrate.

As of Wednesday September 5th the 2012 NFL season officially began but Sunday… Sunday it got real. Who kicked off the 1:00 games Sunday? What’s his (or her) favorite team? Have some fun and make a theme out of it! You don’t have to go all out an spend a lot of money… football is about wings, beer, and trash talking. Type “Football game day recipes” in your Google search and see what you find.

Here’s three quick tips from a woman that “gets it”:

1. Have some game day foods ready before the coin toss.

2. Genuine interest >>> fake interest. They can tell the difference. No need to force it; relax & enjoy or busy yourself & let him get his Andy Reid on in peace. It’s only a few hours.

3. Sneak in what you can during halftime 😉

Listen… there’s a lot being implied in this blog but the bottom line is this: Football season is here. You will deal. Take care of your football fan before the game and he’ll take care of you afterwards (meaning AFTER the ESPN highlights!)

Just tryna keep homes happy & the side chicks at bay, back to our regularly scheduled program next week. Now that fall is upon us, the recipes will change as well. More spices, more fruits, and probably more chocolate. If there’s a recipe you’re looking for simply tweet me (@DreaOnassis) or my bakery (@HoneecakesBkry) and let me know, if I don’t have it, I’ll find it for you. As always, check out my website,

Happy baking!

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