“Your Lady, Tom The Competition, Her Work Husband” By @MrPerfect15 and @MrMikeJay

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Let’s face it. You been slouching around the crib and your lady doesn’t feel appreciated. She’s tired of the routine. You guys haven’t picked up a new hobby to share since the first 6 months you guys started dating.


It’s been a little while since @MrPerfect15 and myself shed any light on you good readers. But this topic here should weigh heavy on the brain of some of you. If not all of you. So you got  yourself a good woman who has a solid career. Amen, we should all be so lucky. She’s at work at least 40-50 hrs a week. She’s sharing things with her coworkers that you may never get to see the light of because she has a different life at work.

Different conversation. Inside jokes, the people she works with understand her struggles a little bit more than you do, because they’re in it together. I know. Unfair advantage. But who said life was fair?

Up until recently she’s been real consistent with her love and devotion for you… BUT and there’s always a but, she’s been wavering away from the things that used to excite her about you. She seems a little distracted huh. Now when she comes home she’s not hungry, because she grabbed a bite to eat on the way. No phone call if you wanted something, you ask? Happy hour after work starts becoming more of a routine, but you never get that invite to join. Kinda odd, but you look at it as more time with the fellas right!

How about the fact that she’s more interested in work and being there. No more rolling over in the morning and catching her mouth on your love muscle. No sliding your morning wood between the cheeks, because she’s already in the shower before you even yawn. Now she gets up a little bit earlier with a tad more bounce in her step, to make sure her outfit is ballgame.

You didn’t think to question why she’s been in the gym more now than before or she’s a little more focused on how she looks when she’s not around you? It’s possible we could all be over thinking things. OR we could be right on time with the accusations on why it’s all unfolding before your eyes…..

Tom… Yeah, Tom is the guy at work that makes her feel alive again. His compliments are timely, his emails are helpful, he knows how she likes her coffee and he never has an opinion that doesn’t factor in her idea of thinking. How do you compete with a man that spends 8-10hrs a day around your lady and never makes a wrong chess move? Lunch dates at small one of one quaint places. She’s being introduced to a new side of life, while you wanna scurry off to to catch the game. I know, Football is a religion. But losing a good woman is a sin. She’s bored, but she loves you. But she’s not in love with you right now G.

She’s in FULL LUST by time she parallel parks her car at work. I mean come on, she crosses her legs slowly and smirks every time Tom struts into the office sporting that cologne she loves! Coincidentally he asked her what her favorite fragrance was and now that’s his permanent go to. He’s a shark in pond. This guy wears a suit everyday. She’s tired of looking at you in your grey sweats everyday at home.

He’s walking her to her car everyday. If she takes the train in, he waits until the train shows up. But he’s not in the friend zone. Know why? Cause you’re at home keeping things the same. Simple and routine. You don’t even tell her that those new heels she just spent a fine penny on highlights the fact that she’s been toning up her legs in the gym. Tom does. And he does it so appropriately.

She’s scouring your relationship right now, looking for reasons why you’re a better look than Tom. It’s not even about the grass being greener anymore. It’s about that “he makes me feel brand new.”

Let me drop some cold facts on you before @MrPerfect15 enlightens you on how Tom begins to break down your lady’s will power to resist. 38% of relationships begin at work. Barack met Michelle at work in 89′. You might be in the way. But I’m not encouraging that thought process. I’m here to help you keep your lady from getting slammed at the office Christmas Party this year.

@MrPerfect15 : Playing devils advocate like a real brotha would, I’m gonna show you how to beat Tom or at least have an idea on how he’s maneuvering around your lady, so you can focus on regaining some ground. First of all, know this. . An 8 hour fantasy that she’s anxious to relive every work day, merely creates a platform for anticipation, lust and possible seduction. She’s juicy and your face isn’t the cause anymore. Burns, I know. But you gotta regain composure.

How do you combat that? You wear your pudding out all weekend. You knock her out the frame. Regaining a woman’s sexual appetite after her mind is elsewhere isn’t easy, but it’s doable. You gotta channel your inner warrior and become a gladiator. Put the exciting fear of god into her if you have too. In the best way of course.

Understand that Tom is gonna be meticulous in his approach daily and he’s already planted tons of open ended questions that allowed her to open up to him mentally. Especially once she tells him she has a man at home …. Now things just got interesting. Let’s proceed.

They’ve both playfully joked around with jokes that bring about sexual innuendo laced conversations. And of course his Hitch-like smoothness she will accept the playfulness of it all. That feeling women love during the courtship that’s been avoided by you, will filled by him. Through office IM, they’re sharing stories, experiences and goals that will give him all the supplies he will ever need to paint the picture of perfection!

You have to get textually savvy with your woman. You gotta mentally have her envisioning there’s a whole other side to you. More texts about what’s gonna happen when she gets home is the only diversion from what Tom is already crafting. Her response to you is gonna be the end all be all. It’s possible she’s to far gone and that cunninglingus from the back talk doesn’t move her anymore. Pray it isn’t that far.

Even the most unfaithful woman doesn’t turn down head from her live in strokes. But when she does, it’s probably because she’s transitioning you out and Tom in…Face it, you’re up against the perfect gentleman and he’s got prime angle five days a week on how to line her up.

But you were there first. You made that woman’s leg quiver first. You had her wearing your t-shirts and checking for your interest first. Like a real man you, you put your foot down. We don’t sit down to pee over here. You gotta get drastic. You make every move from here on out something strategic or you fall back. Way back. Cause Tom is the new guy. And he already has your demise scoped out and his triumph celebration in order.



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