Revisiting The Relationship Views of @Haztv, @PhillyTheBoss & @_Peez_

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After reading this, I’d like the ladies to conduct a vote on who seems the most ready to be in a marriage at this very moment. You can cast your votes to me at @MrMikeJay

Coming full circle from where we last left you, the views and opinions of what these brothas consider a “keeper” for a wife has changed a tad bit. Haz now sports a secret lady. Poking at his followers to guess who she is… When we last asked him the key to his lady success, he replied ” I feed em soda and nuggets. If she can ride with that, then the ho is mine.”

Philly, still sporting his slightly male domininat skewed views on what’s workable for a relationship has turned into Mr. Hey Boo via Twitter. Harmless or not it’s a drastic change from where we last were. The recall of Philly soundly stating that he wasn’t in the business of letting any women that ever laid with him ever not be his, has changed.  A calmer version could mean something, but what exactly???

Last but not least, Mr. 1 outta 4 tweets will offend you, Mr. Perfect15 learned that maybe it’s not greener on the other side. It’s just the Instagram filter playing tricks on his mind. The chics act funny but the actions never lie.

Let’s venture, shall we? I’m gonna conduct this short interview for the ladies to judge. It’s the question of who the problem really is? Are the men of today working with standards unmatched or is the grudge of past bitter relationships nipping new love in the bud?

Question : Fellas, Give me 3 examples of  why you chose the women you did in the past?

@PhillyTheBoss : I choose women for a variety of characteristic reasons in the beginning. No three are or were selected for the same reason.  One of em – I chose her because I liked her approach. She has a regal-like quality to her that I adore. I often call her my lil Michelle Obama. The other, under all the bullshit there’s a great woman there. With a bit of dusting an polishing she could have been great.. and physically my type to the T. So to speak. And the last, I like my women assertive yet submissive. Its that particular balance that makes them highly attractive to me. Great heart, spirit, and a fuckin goddess sexually. Amen.


@HazTv : Looks I won’t even lie… They don’t call me Shallow Haz for nothing smh. She ALLOWED me to be honest and accepted me for me. Most women expect honesty but can’t accept the truth so they essentially force the man to lie.Her desire to be with me was so strong it sort of pulled me in. She genuinely made me her everything without seeming pathetic or desperate and that made me want her even more.


@_Peez_ : They brought an aspect of what a great girlfriend is, that I have never had before. Also to prove to myself that I was capable of hanging up the jersey and being a good man to a good woman if the opportunity presented itself. Most definitely fell victim to the rebound rule from my previous relationship.

Seems like Haz and Philly have a hang up with letting go of who these women are and not who they could be with some 50/50 action. These women accepted you with all your flaws too.


@PhillyTheboss : Watch your mouth.

@HazTv : Bruh, these ho’s should be honored with my acceptance of their acts. I’m saving boat loads with my blogs. Haven’t you read???!!!

(Sigh) Moving along. Next question. 


Question : If you could change anything about your favorite ex, that would make you go back to her would you do it?

@HazTv : “Spaceships don’t come equipped wit rear view mirrors they dip.” If I have to change something about her then she isn’t really the one I want to begin with so no. All relationships are learning experiences so no looking back and no regrets.

@_Peez_ : It’s in fathomable imagining thinking about her without thinking about her “great flaw”, but for arguments sake I would never go back. Once I detach, there’s no going back. Even though she changes her “flaw”, she didn’t think to do so to save the relationship. I would just hope she applies it to her next relationship.

@PhillyTheBoss : Her location. She was damn near perfect outside of her never wanting to move to Miami. She wanted to be there for her mom and couldn’t fathom leaving her alone so it didn’t work.


 Alright… @_Peez_ has a grudge issue. I wanna sit this brotha down to really understand why he’s still in the Marcus Graham mind state. The great flaw very well could be you not being able to love their ugly. But I digress. I’m sitting here wondering why @PhillyTheBoss let distance get in the way of the perfect woman… I’m sitting here wondering if she has an @ name too. But nevertheless lets move on. 

@_Peez_ : Nobody is paying you to assess how I feel about the old joints. Just conduct the interview.

Smh.. Next and final question before my final assessment. 

Question : Do you think the path you’re living is constructive to have a great woman in your circle? Or do you need to shape up?


@_Peez_ : “I know I ain’t perfect, nobody walking this earth surface is, but girlfriend work with the kid…”  Everyone needs to be shaped up one way or another. I think everyone deserve to have greatness in their life whether its expected or unexpected. Kind of like hitting the lottery after being poor all your life … Now you have everything you’ve asked for, now what are you going to do with it? If she’s the one I’m a let her put her pussy on my sideburns so much she’ll call me the muff master. I can fine tune a few things, but ultimately yes.


@PhillyTheBoss : I definitely need to shape up some. I flirt a lot. Its not for the faint of heart. However I never really act on it. I just like the control aspect of it for particular reasons that benefit my brand in a non-sexual/intimate manner. Therefore a woman would have to detach from her emotional side a lil bit to “See the bigger picture.” However at times I can be very nonchalant about it. Which is my fault. I just wanna rule the world and have a woman understand, I swerve on the road at times but my intentions is to never crash.


@HazTV : Honestly no. I’m selfish with my time, I enjoy flirting with these ho’s and I’m just all around not where I need to be for a queen right now. That don’t stop me from still finding em tho, hi baby 🙂


You know the only thing that’s changed from the previous interviews is that these brothas are more crafty with showing humility. Ladies respect that though. Prideful men save families and raise children that become great people. But understand when you get in the space of a man that can’t see his issues from the inside out, being his favorite critic has to come with some ego stroking.

Look at Haz… He knows he isn’t ready, but he isn’t stopping the suitors. He’s like a fake happy bachelor with too much smarts to settle.  Philly doesn’t wanna entertain a new angle for marketing outside of flirting which damages the trust at times. But he’s reassuring his lady to be, that she’s the only one he’s gonna serve the pile drive like sex.  Peez has grudge issues that are deep rooted, but acknowledges it in a round about way. He’s like a star player that’s won championships on every level, but he can’t get past his high school coach for benching him for being selfish from time to time.

I think all three brothas have dated that mysterious “Unicorn” and let her go. It’s gonna be a great deal of push and pull when the woman of your dreams isn’t perfect for you situation, but she’s perfect for you in the long run…. 

Till next time. Stay classy Twitterville.



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