#SoPhi | “The Twitter Awards” Nominees [Your First Look] |

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After a long process of narrowing down Nominees, here is your first look at the Nominees for the 1st Annual Twitter Awards. (All in fun & based off what your peers percieve), Enjoy. Click The Image to Enlarge.

The 2012 Twitter Awards Nominees:

Male Tweeter Of The Year:

Female Tweeter Of The Year:

Best Clothing Line:
Cool Mentality
Circle Of Influence
40 oz Van My Fitteds

Best Blog Site:

Most Influential Male Tweeter Of The Year

Most Influential Female Tweeter Of The Year:

Unsigned Artist Of The Year:

Struggle Rapper Of The Year:

Hottest Female of The Year:

Hottest Male Of The Year Nominees

Slander Gawd Nominees:

“The Affirmative Action Award” for The Best White Tweeter:

Trendsetter Of The Year Nominees:

Best Instagram Feed Nominees:
Yaris Sanchez
Joe Budden (his girl only)

Best Radio Show nominees:
Real Rap Radio
The Tease
The Naked Truth
Team Ether Radio

Most Quoted Tweeters:

Twitter Honey Of The Year:

The “Who Hurt You” Award:

The “Creep” Of The Year Award:

Filthy Nigga Of The Year Award:

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6 Responses to #SoPhi | “The Twitter Awards” Nominees [Your First Look] |

  1. Shaunessy says:

    Wow, another one of these “awards” with the same exact ppl from the other “awards.” There’s a million other people on Twitter, and you managed to conjure up this list. Super wack.

  2. SEAN says:

    you made this shit full of niggas nobody cares about and who think they’re famous over twitter. you niggas gay brah

  3. @CAM_HiiiPoWeR says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO Follow me tho

  4. Winny says:

    But Reed is a Twitter honey though, why he mad? See…Twitter honey.

  5. Winny says:

    Reed is mad emotional tho…accept it Twitter honey of the year.

  6. Michelle says:

    speak easy isnt a twitter honey

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