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Of course it’s election time and there are candidates out to trick you for your vote with ads, buy your vote or persuade you through attacking the other candidate on why they deserve your vote. The truth is: it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it only matters when, how and that you vote on time. (I pretty much said it doesn’t matter who you vote for, to sound non-partisan but it does and we all know I am a liberal so vote Obama lol). Any who, I’ve composed ten reasons why it’s crucial to vote early as well as some tips to help your voting experience go smoothly. ENJOY and rush to the polls and make sure you vote early!! Early voting in the following states is over this Saturday!

1. The lines will be shorter and the wait times less hectic than on November 6th, election Tuesday
2.For early voting, specifically in Florida you can go to any location you’d like that your county’s Supervisor of Elections website posts. On Election Day you MUST go to your precinct on your voting card to vote.
3. If there is something wrong with your voter status, you have time to rectify it before Tuesday.
4. You avoid your vote possibly becoming provisional, which has the harsh reality of being counted AFTER ballots are counted.
5. There are Saturday’s and a Sunday included in Early voting which is kind of cool that way you don’t have to miss work or be late for anything else.
6. Minorities, women and Hispanics and blacks have prospered in getting their voices heard the most during early voting and absentee.
7. You get a cool sticker that says “I VOTED” before anyone else during election day, cool
8. You have time to chat about the candidates and look at stuff before the pressure of being rushed to vote on Election Day where there are time constraints. OR you can go to my Suggestive Ballot and knock this one out, (Just saying) Suggestive Ballot For Miami-Dade & Broward Counties: Suggestive Ballot
9. You can help influence that polls to be more accurate so the enemy side will stop lying about how much of a lead they have by voting early
10. If you lapse 7pm and are still in line they can’t laugh at you for being late or try to deny your vote because you will have the next day to get it don “Ha Ha!” On Election Day you would just be out of Luck.

Please try and remember that your vote is so important that people have tried to deny you your rights, don’t let them make sure you haven’t given up until your ballot is casted
You DO NOT need a state ID to vote, a picture ID will suffice.
If you don’t know your voter information, look it up on line and write it down. Also, If you have an absentee ballot but the deadline has passed to mail it in, you can ALWAYS walk an absentee ballot to the polls. It will not hinder you from voting.

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