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Women that embrace their hoe phase > women that go thru it but deny it > women that try to skip it only to have it in their 30’s and 40’s” – Haz





Every woman is a “hoe” at some point in their life. Yes, even my mama was probably one as unfortunate as that is to have to say.It’s true she is a respectable, wonderful woman and was married to my pops when she had me and my brother but I didn’t make the rules, I was just smart enough to have learned them.  I previously touched on the difference between Hoe Activity and Hoe Mentality in a blog entitled “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Hoe Activity is the actual actions that a woman performs that get her labeled as a hoe where Hoe Mentality is more about where her head is at and her thought process. These factors establish the difference between a woman simply being called a hoe and her truly being a whore to the core.






Now, the Hoe Phase is mostly about Hoe Activity but the length of the phase and severity of the activity within it is determined by whether or not she has a Hoe Mentality. It’s basically the phase in a woman’s life where she experiments and get’s to know herself sexually. The period of time that she’s “allowed” to be loose and exercise her sexual freedom. As we all know women haven’t always enjoyed the same luxury of  freedoms that men have. There was a time in history where a woman would be ostracized and possibly even stoned to death for being promiscuous. The only “acceptable” form of promiscuity women were allowed was “enjoyed” by whores and prostitutes. Basically if you we’re a “hoe” back in the day you either had to be a full fledged hoe or keep it on the low. As women got their freedom and the sexual revolution came about, the perception of what a woman was began to change. Nowadays women are “allowed” to be promiscuous in music, television and films but the double standard still stands strong for the most part as far as men are concerned. It’s as if men need and desire the hoes but still have a problem with settling down with an ex hoe and making her his wife. The whole “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” theory is still alive and well. They want to believe that their queen’s hoe-fax report is flawless and its just all these other women out here that are hoes. That logic is extremely flawed but that’s not the point of this blog. I’m writing this to let women know that the hoe phase is a natural part of the transition process for a woman and it’s OK to embrace it.  There is honestly no escaping it so it’s better to equip yourself with some tools you can use and get it over with than to end up having it when you’re somebody’s wife or even worse mother.








The key to making it through your Hoe Phase unscathed is remembering the 3 R’s. Respect, Restraint, and Responsibility. A nigga kinda tired so I’ma try and make this shit quick so you hoes better pay attention and take notes. Now not too long ago the Hoe Phase was pretty much reserved for a woman’s college years. This was the time society dubbed it “acceptable” for a woman to do a little double dick clutching or maybe even devour a few crabby patties. So long as she came out with a degree and left her freaky ways on campus all was relatively good in the world. Nowadays, however, women aren’t even waiting for their college years and are letting their freak flags fly as early as middle school. The problem with jumping into this too soon is you don’t allow yourself time to develop enough to be able to appreciate the 3 R’s. On the opposite end of that spectrum, you have the women that were in a rush to grow up and settle down and skipped their hoe phase. These are the “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” type of bitches. They ended up married with kids shortly after high school only to end up divorced for whatever reason or reached their sexual peak in their mid 30’s and now are ready to party like its 1999 while all their other friends are just retiring their hoe heels, getting married and settling down. Now you’re the old hoe in the club and on social networks trying to compete with these young hoes. You pushing 40 and got the nerve to be talking about LIV on Sunday’s. Sit yo old ass down somewhere bitch and pack yo kids lunch for tomorrow. These are one of the worst types of hoes. Middle aged shone is never a good look, but I digress. Now, for the women still of age let me break down the 3 R’s briefly…


First there is Respect. The first rule of the game for a woman dealing with her Hoe Phase is always respect yourself. Many women have low self esteem which leads them to lack self respect. Their source of self worth and value comes from outside influences, such as the attention they receive from men, and that’s why they end up settling for less than they deserve. You can have your fun and get your freak on without jeopardizing your self respect. Never do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing for the sake of being accepted. You go out there and be the best hoe you can be and get it out of your system but don’t do anything that’s gonna have you crying yourself to sleep at night. Also don’t confuse respecting yourself with the men you’re dealing with having respect for you. Realize that most of them won’t and are only dealing with you for the hole in your face and the hole beneath your waist. Choose wisely.



Second is Restraint. The Hazism “You Cant Fuck Em All” applies for men and especially for women in their Hoe Phase. Understand that this is not a free pass to be the stankest hoe to walk the globe since Mary Magdalene. You must exercise restraint and self control. Don’t be sending lusty pics to every nigga that requests ’em just for the sake of receiving a compliment or two. Don’t be out fucking friends just because you can. Realize that you are still a woman and choices still equal consequences.



Last, but not least, is Responsibility. In the world we live in today, being irresponsible can get you killed. A quote that might go over most of your heads that relates to the topic is “Feminine energy at it’s lowest level breeds life indiscriminately.” As a woman you have to understand that your Hoe Phase does not exempt you from pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is YOUR responsibility to not get pregnant. It’s easy to say that the man SHOULD be responsible and wear a condom, but it’s even easier for that same man to leave your stupid ass with the child you end up having to raise alone. Learn to be accountable for your own actions and take the proper precautions when passing out your pussy. You should be getting tested, going to your regular check ups and using protection. All women volunteer but many women become victims of the Hoe Phase. Don’t be another statistic.



Now if you follow these simple instructions you will make it through your hoe phase successfully and be a better woman for it in the end. Get that excess lust out of your system – but be smart about it. Your natural inclination as a woman is to settle down and become some man’s wife but you MUST get past your Hoe Phase before you attempt to do that. Most women aren’t truly ready to start settling down until between the ages of 23-25. By then she has had more than a few sexual partners, knows what she likes and doesn’t like, knows how to satisfy a man (hopefully) and most importantly, has received all of the masculine attention that most of you fatherless hoes crave. By then she should understand how to control her emotions and how to communicate with a man instead of expecting him to read her mind. Go out there and date multiple men, suck a few random dicks and get on the gram and post ya seductive pictures now; because later it will be too late. Don’t try to fight it because it has the word Hoe in it. Women want to be able to be hoes without having to be called hoes, but that isn’t realistic, nor is it logical.  Also realize that you don’t have to have sex to be a shone. There are different levels of Hoeism but I will discuss that in my upcoming book “AHoebics 101: The Study of Hoeism.” I can almost guarantee that you are some type of hoe whether it be a stank hoe, an attention hoe, or one of the many other forms of hoes there are. The word hoe is a noun, an adjective and a verb. It’s connotation is only negative if you allow it to be. In the end cheer up it could be worse, you could live in Iraq and have to deal with your Hoe Phase. As always I’m just a regular nigga with an opinion. Thank you for reading and feel free to follow 

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  1. Empress says:

    You’re a sick individual Sir! Good read tho lol

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  3. […] for you I had shit to do. Many of you may remember me from some of my previous work such as “The Facts About The Hoe Phase”, “Is Today’s Woman Yesterday’s Hoe”, “Hot Dogs vs. […]

  4. Kim says:

    someone I care for told me that I’m going through this

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