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I have to get this off of my chest. The album sounds more like a mixtape title than an album. No? Why can’t she call it something else? She’s obviously not making the same music that she made when she dropped her debut album, so I think a different album title is more than appropriate. What’s with her and these re-releases of these re-releases? Anywho, back to the tracklist:

Disc 1
1. “Up in Flames”
2. “Freedom”
3. “Hell Yeah” (feat. Parker)
4. “High School” (feat. Lil Wayne)
5. “I’m Legit” (feat. Ciara)
6. “I Endorse These Strippers” (feat. Tyga & Thomas Brinx)
7. “The Boys” (feat. Cassie)
8. “Va Va Voom”

Disc 2
1. “Roman Holiday”
2. “Come On a Cone”
3. “I Am Your Leader” (feat. Cam’ron & Rick Ross)
4. “Beez in the Trap” (feat. 2 Chainz)
5. “HOV Lane”
6. “Roman Reloaded” (feat. Lil Wayne)
7. “Champion” (feat. Nas, Drake & Young Jeezy)
8. “Right By My Side” (feat. Chris Brown)
9. “Sex in the Lounge” (feat. Lil Wayne & Bobby V)
10. “Starships”
11. “Pound the Alarm”
12. “Whip It”
13. “Automatic”
14. “Beautiful Sinner”
15. “Marilyn Monroe”
16. “Young Forever”
17. “Fire Burns”
18. “Gun Shot” (feat. Beenie Man)
19. “Stupid Hoe”

Will you be looking to buy the album? Personally, I don’t know. I’m on the fence about it at the moment. I’ve been loving her visuals more and more even though I was confused about the content  Maybe it just flew over my head. It’s catchy as hell though until you sit back and ask yourself what the hell they’re talking about.

P.S. They could have done better with the cover if that’s the official one. I guess they’re recycling music and photoshoots. How eco friendly of her. *straight face*

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