#Sophi “Inside The Ladies Huddle” Sex Ed Series pt.1 by (@Boneapetite)

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Glad you guys came back. I was fishing through hundreds of conversations and tons of taboo new day sexual activities and likes of the masses. Through it I managed to find one female with her head on a swivel in the sex battlefield. I was looking for a woman to sit down with me and answer a few questions the community kept recycling. We need to clear a few things up, in the first installment of the “Sex Ed Series”. @Boneapetite was kind enough to kick this off real proper.

Holding no punches, @Boneapetite ironed out the topics/questions I pitched her.

Lets get right into the heart of the new era of @Boneapetite’s existence with us as our loyal readers and students.

Does it matter what your man eats for sex purposes?  Ex. Pineapples make his cum taste sweet. For those that swallow.

BoneApetite : Yes. A good diet is key and makes giving oral that much more pleasurable. I wanna know you care about me. What you drink and eat has a direct effect on how you taste. You’re bound to taste sum pre-cum and that’s a good indicator as to whether or not a swallow will follow. You’ll be less prone to tense up and just take it all in. For example, if you make it super sloppy once he’s ready to bust you won’t really know anyway if he’s eating right.

(Lowers glasses) Well alright…. Next question

Do you agree with eating ass or having yours eaten? Is that something that is a must for sex these days?

BoneApetite : Me personally, I don’t have an interest in it. My friends rave about how it feels great but I’m coo on it until it happens. So I can’t say that I think it’s a must. If you wanna fiddle your tongue across it, please make me shiver.

(Loosens tie. Scribbles in notepad) Any chance we can get someone to lower the heat in here? That’s interesting, a lot of women have been screaming about it lately.

So let me ask you this, when you find out he’s not as big as you’d like him to be, do you shy away from sex? Or do you try to make his mouth work for the better?

BoneApetite : No, I’ll give him an opportunity to see what his moves are like. If he’s aware of his shortcomings or is really in-tune with his sex, he could make up for it by hitting the right spots with the right strokes and pressure. This is where having control of your vaginal walls is brutal, you can kegel and grip up on him to make it better for you both. One can hope that his mouth will make up for it but I’m more on the carnivore side so a good mouth just gone amp me up quick and leading back to seeing what that dick do.

The motion in the ocean idea of things I see. Tons of ladies have the dildo’s that mimic the length of a baby arm. That’s stressful for some, I can imagine.

So lets touch on the sex outside the relationship topic. Cause there’s tons of women who need to be in a relationship to completely connect physically.

Do people need to be a couple to have the best sex? Or can you be just as compatible as 2 single people?

BoneApetite : I think the key to having the best sex is your sexual chemistry. Whether you’re a couple or single there has to be an inner release that allows you to become completely uninhibited. There has to be an aura that draws you into them, and making you insatiable. Sex is powerful. Only way you’re gonna properly tear that ass up, is if you communicate from jump. Make the panties feel like they’re pointless around my hips if you will…..

Bout time someone gives the right perspective on what it takes. Let’s proceed. Last question of this series.

The sex you’ve had and the average sex being had out here, what’s the difference in why you feel people need to grow up sexually?

BoneApetite : Ok now this. Predictability is the downfall. I don’t wanna be on the receiving end of mediocrity and as you get older, you should focus on true sexual gratification. Many fail to truly learn their partner. This within itself will heighten any sex act that you do. I can’t be with someone if they question “how or why” I’m doing a certain move. You should be open to exploring your sexual peak. At no point in time should the sex be routine, google should be your best friend. You better not only learn the many ways to suck it but the many ways to take it and give it. I wanna walk away feeling violated in the best way. Nasty is good, don’t be a docile baby fawn in the sack.

(Long stare) Noted… Well, I’m sure the readers have a few things they can take away from this insert. I just wanna thank @Boneapetite for sitting on the Sophi couch to spread that point of view. She’ll be here with us periodically to touch on other topics as the weeks go by. Until next time, strap up and lube her down. Stay classy but nasty.



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