I’m guessing @50Cent & @FloydMayweather aren’t besties anymore….

by • November 3, 2012 • NewsComments (0)1191

In another page of bromances gone wrong, the 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather friendship seems to have come to an abrupt end. They’ve been going back and forth at each other on Twitter and Instagram with some nasty e-jabs. Nobody knows except for 50 and Floyd about why they aren’t friends anymore but it looks like they’re airing out each other’s dirty laundry for the world to read and see. In his most recent tweet, he retweeted Rick Ross. If your memory doesn’t serve you well, 50 ain’t a fan of the bawse. Hmmmm, shots fired. The battle of egos has begun.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what happens when two men with an endless amount of money have grown bored and tired with each other’s antics.



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